We make a New Year costume for the daughter with her own hands!

We make a New Year costume for the daughter with her own hands! Traditionally Maiden should be wearing a dress (coat) of white material, silver or a blue hue, a graceful boots, as well as a cap or kokoshnik. Snow-maidens who have left the childhood, usually choose their outfits for the New Year in stores.

For small Snow Maiden suits, as a rule, they are sewed by caring mothers.

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Before to start making a Snow Maiden costume …

  • We make a New Year costume for the daughter with her own hands! The main condition in this process is not too fluffy the lower part of the suit and not too open – the upper one.
  • The headgear depends on the imagination of the mother and the materials available in the house.
  • A boots (valenochki, shoes) are dressed for those that are available. It is desirable that they are in harmony with the costume. If there are none, you can make graceful shoe covers on the child’s foot. And when funds permit, you can buy boots. Again, white, blue or silver.

For a start, it’s worth looking into the closet and the mezzanine. For children’s costume Snow Maiden any dress from elegant, it is desirable dense and with shine, a material is quite suitable. It remains only to decorate it with fur trim (or tinsel), to create a festive collar and hem draw sequins, snowflakes and beads – in general, who, at that fancy enough.

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Suit Snow Maiden in kindergarten

Under this dress wear white tights and a white turtleneck (badlon , blouse with a long sleeve).

The main materials for the costume are in almost every house, every woman. So with their search for problems should not be.

Materials for the costume:

  • We make a New Year costume for the daughter with her own hands! Satin shirt on the straps (shoulder straps);
  • Unnecessary openwork curtain or lace napkin;
  • Elastic bandage (wide elastic band);
  • Foil, potal or gift wrapping from flowers;
  • Christmas tree, tinsel, shiny garlands;
  • Brilliant stickers of snowflakes or just patterns;
  • Rhinestones, beads, sequins (all that is available);
  • Tools (stapler, glue (it is desirable, pistol, but also come down another), needle, thread, scissors);
  • Roll of unnecessary wallpaper (sheet), cardboard;
  • White, light, artificial fur for the rim (if available);
  • Plug-in paint.

We sew a sarafan for the Snow Maiden:

  1. To create a pattern, take a sheet of wallpaper. Circle on the T-shirt daughter’s daughter and dorisovat in such a way that the dress turned out.
  2. Circle the pattern on the old shirt material. When the outline of the back of the sarafan is cut, the neckline itself is made less deep than on the front side.
  3. Make allowance on the seams (not less than one centimeter) and, cutting out the patterns from the fabric, sew the two sides, leaving the cutouts for the sleeves.
  4. On the neck of the sarafan, on his hem and cutouts for sleeves make a cuff from the strapless and trim of the shirt.
  5. The underside of the sarafan is sewn with shiny tinsel (fur).
  6. крупные From the front of the sarafan to sew (from the throat to the bottom of the hem) in two even vertical bands large snowflakes or fur.

    крупные Between the stripes, sew large flakes of tinsel instead of buttons.

Cape for the Snow Maiden:

  1. To create a pattern, again, take a sheet of wallpaper. Draw a large circle, and in its center a small circle, which will be the neck. Three-fourths of the received circle is a pattern of the cloak. Cut.
  2. Circle the pattern on the fabric (on the shirt, or other existing fabric in the main tone), taking into account the allowances for seams and cut again.
  3. Cut the edges of the cape with the existing edging and trim with shiny tinsel (fur).
  4. In front, sew on each side of the cape snowflakes from tinsel.
  5. At the neck, sew a pair of strapless – bandage capes.
  6. The cape, if desired and possible, can be painted with paint for fabrics. For example, create a light frosty pattern in silver. Or to embroider paillettes large snowflakes on the fabric.

Crown of the Snow Maiden:

  1. We make a New Year costume for the daughter with her own hands! On paper, draw a crown and cut. The shape of the crown depends on the imagination of the mother and the wishes of the child.
  2. Try on the paper crown of the crown on your daughter and choose the optimal cutout for her face. Circle the final version of the pattern on cardboard (based on the crown) and cut.
  3. Fabric for the crown can be taken from the same shirt and, having picked the right color, paint the existing house with the paint of the required shade. You can also buy a ball of silver paint, or paints for fabrics. The main thing is that the paint was not allergic – after all, the child in this crown has to spend a lot of time.
  4. After drying, the fabric should be dried and ironed through gauze.
  5. Circle a pattern of the future crown on the fabric and, leaving the allowance on the seams, cut out.
  6. Tighten the front side of the crown with cloth, bend the edges of the fabric and secure them with a stapler on the back side.
  7. Cut off the lace and paint with the same paint, in tone to the main color of the crown.
  8. Sew a dried and pressed lace to the crown in such a way that part of the lace falls on the forehead. That is, the lace, in the end, should cover the entire crown and part of the forehead.
  9. We make a New Year costume for the daughter with her own hands! Along the whole edge of the crown, sew large beads, and glue a large snowflake along the center. It can be made from packing flower paper, foil or other handy material.
  10. Along the cutout of the crown, sew (glue) the white tinsel (fur), and on both sides of the crown to start the Christmas tree (“earrings”), five centimeters each.
  11. On the back side of the crown, paste a piece of cloth cut on the pattern (you can do the same).
  12. Glue the stickers of snowflakes (patterns) along the perimeter of the back of the crown.
  13. Sew a rubber band so that the crown is perfectly held and at the same time not too tight on the child’s head. To do this, you can use an elastic bandage about five inches wide. Of course, bandage (elastic), too, must be painted in tone to the crown.
  14. All the seams are masked with beads and paillettes.
  15. The suit is ready.

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Suit to school

We make a New Year costume for the daughter with her own hands! As you know, nothing is impossible. And to sew a Snow Maiden costume with your own hands is not so difficult as it seems. This outfit will consist of a pelerine, an upper and a lower dress, and, of course, a headdress. The fabric is preferably chosen – white or blue brocade, but in its absence, you can stop and other options available in cabinets and mezzanines. The sleeve of the sleeves and the hem are in this case white light fur.

Suit materials:

  • Tulle (or other light fabric);
  • Calculation for the pattern (wallpaper);
  • Brocade (or other smart and dense fabric);
  • White light fur (artificial). In its absence, fur is replaced by brilliant tinsel;
  • Beak (strip of fabric for decoration);
  • Beads, sequins, beads, foil;
  • Tools (scissors, thread, needle, glue).

Dress of the Snow Maiden:

  1. According to the pattern, which can be printed, transfer the details of the lower dress to the tracing paper (wallpaper), proceeding, of course, from the size of the child. We make a New Year costume for the daughter with her own hands!
  2. Then transfer the pattern to the tulle (or other light) fabric using a chalk or a remnant. Leave the allowances on the seams, one centimeter from each edge.
  3. Put the two halves of the dress already folded together, face inward, and stitch one side. In the same way sew two more halves. Then just add other details, which consist of two halves, then sew their sides, and turn the upper edge and also stitch it.
  4. Measure the circumference of the child’s chest with a “centimeter” and cut off the appropriate length of the elastic band.
  5. In the received “kuliska” (the upper stitched edge) insert the elastic and tightly sew the ends.
  6. For the strapless, cut out strips of the same fabric (five by forty cm).
  7. Stretch the edges of the future strapless, then turn them to the front, iron and sew to the dress.
    1. . We make a New Year costume for the daughter with her own hands!
    2. Stitch the shoulder and side seams. Clean the remaining edges of the fabric.
    3. Cut narrow strips of white fur with a blade on the underside of the fabric (to avoid breaking off the villi).
    4. Fur the strips to the bottom edge of the dress and stitch along the entire length (on the underside of the dress).
    5. Cut, according to the transferred pattern and length of the child’s arms, the sleeves for the upper dress of the same fabric.
    6. Fold (with the wrong side out) in half each sleeve, stitch and sew to the top dress.
    7. Cut the fur trim for the sleeves of the dress, sew on the bottom edge of the sleeve and sweep the seams.
    8. At the neck of the upper dress, sew a large beautiful button. You can also pin a smart brooch or create something similar, based on fantasy.
    9. You can cut a buttonhole into a dress (remember to sweep the edges), or sew from a light fabric.
    10. On the finished dress to sew snowflakes from foil.

    Snow Maiden’s Drape:

    1. We make a New Year costume for the daughter with her own hands! Move the details of the pelerine to the tracing paper, according to the pattern and size of the child.
    2. Cut the details of the pelerine from the fabric for the lower dress, taking into account the allowances for the seams.
    3. The edges of the neck of the pelerine are stitched, insert the elastic band and sew the outer edge of the bake, corresponding to the color of the overall outfit.
    4. Sew pegs (silvery, or blue). Slit the loops for them. Wrap the cutouts for the hinges.
    5. Decorate the pelerine with pearls, beads, beads or sequins.

    Snow Maiden’s cap:

    1. Move the pattern details to the size of the child’s head.
    2. Cut out parts from dense fabric. You can use the fabric for the upper dress.
    3. Cut out the wedges of the hats with the wrong side outward, sew one side. Then sew the second pair of wedges. The resulting two parts folded face down inside and sew the sides.
    4. Turn the cap out and iron it.
    5. The pompon for the cap can be made from fur by cutting out a circle (D = 12 cm), by sweeping and pulling it around the edge and securing it with threads. You can also sew pompoms on tapes.
    6. On the edge of the cap to sew a strip of white fur.
    7. The suit is ready.

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    Useful tips for moms

    • We make a New Year costume for the daughter with her own hands! You can use everything that is available at home for a crumbs suit – for example, a nylon curtain or a fluffy baby blanket of the appropriate color. You can also use an ordinary raincoat or a light coat of white or blue, adorning it with tinsel, fur and paillettes.
    • From white yarn you can weave braids for the Snow Maiden and sew them to the cap.
    • For the crown of the Snow Maiden (if suddenly the child categorically wants the crown as the headgear of the Snow Maiden), only a shiny silvery tinsel (narrow and stiff) and a folding thick wire are needed. Tinsel is worn around or worn on a wire. Then a circle is built from the wire on the head, and from this circle rays (triangles, stars, etc.) are already created.

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