What foods contain carbohydrates

What foods contain carbohydrates


  • Why the body carbohydrates
  • Slimming products containing carbohydrates
  • Table (list) of slimming products
  • Harmful consumption in a large number of products containing carbohydrates

The vital energy of an organism requires energy coming from food. Approximately half of the energy requirement is provided by products containing carbohydrates. To lose weight, you need to monitor the balanced intake and expenditure of calories.

Why the body carbohydrates

What foods contain carbohydrates

Carbohydrates burn faster than proteins and the more fat, they are necessary to maintain immunity, are part of the cells, participate in the regulation of metabolism, the synthesis of nucleic acids, hereditary information.

To lose weight, do not eat foods that contain carbohydrates, in the afternoon.

The blood of an adult contains about 6 g of glucose. There are enough reserves to provide the body with energy for 15 minutes. To maintain blood sugar levels, the body produces hormones insulin and glucagon :

  • Insulin lowers blood glucose levels, converts it to glycogen or fat, which is especially necessary after a meal.
  • Glucagon increases blood sugar levels.

The body consumes glycogen stores from muscles and liver. These reserves are sufficient for energy supply of the organism within 10-15 hours. When the sugar level is significantly reduced, there is a feeling of hunger.

Carbohydrates differ in the degree of complexity of the molecule. In order of increasing complexity, they can be ordered in the following way: monosaccharides , disaccharides , polysaccharides .

Products containing complex carbohydrates, when digested in the stomach, are split into monosaccharides (glucose), which through the blood enters to supply cells.

Some products contain indigestible carbohydrates, which include fiber (dietary fiber, pectic substances), necessary for intestinal motility, removal of harmful substances from the body, cholesterol binding, stimulation of useful microflora activity.

Table of carbohydrates depending on the complexity of the molecule
Name Type of carbohydrate In which products is found
Simple sugars
Glucose Monosaccharide Grapes, grape juice, honey
Fructose (fruit sugar) Monosaccharide Apples, citrus fruits, peaches, watermelon, dried fruits, juices, compotes, jams, honey
Sugar food sugar) Disaccharide Sugar, pastry flour products, juices, compotes, jams
Lactose (milk sugar) D isaharide Cream, milk, kefir
Maltose (malt sugar) Disaccharide Beer, kvas
Starch Polysaccharide Flour products (bread, pasta), cereals, potatoes
Glycogen (animal starch) Polysaccharide Energy reserve of the body, contained in the liver and muscles
Fiber Polysaccharide Buckwheat, pearl barley, oatmeal, wheat and rye bran, wholemeal bread, fruit, vegetables

Fastest digesting are glucose , on the absorption rate is inferior to her fructose . Under the action of gastric acid, enzymes, lactose and maltose быстро are rapidly absorbed.

Products containing complex carbohydrates, such as starch, are broken down into simple sugars only in the small intestine, after being in the stomach. The process is rather slow, which slows down the fiber, which prevents the absorption of sugars.

With sufficient intake of foods rich in carbohydrates, the body stores glycogen (animal starch) in the liver and muscles. When there is an excess of sugars and sufficient glycogen stores, carbohydrates begin to turn into fat.

Slimming products containing carbohydrates

What foods contain carbohydrates

A significant portion of carbohydrates comes from cereals and legumes. Such food is rich in vegetable protein, vitamins and minerals.

The maximum of useful substances contain the embryo and the shell of cereals, so the more the degree of processing of the product, the less useful it is.

The beans are a mass of protein, but they are assimilated by only 70%. In addition, legumes can block the action of certain digestive enzymes, which in some cases disrupts digestion, can damage the walls of the small intestine.

The greatest nutritional value in whole grain products containing bran, as well as in a variety of cereals.

Rice is easily digested, but it has few vitamins, minerals, fiber. In the pine and pearl barley fiber is much larger. In buckwheat there is a lot of iron. Oatmeal is caloric, rich in potassium, magnesium, zinc.

It turns out that it is difficult to get overeated with products containing carbohydrates, in normal conditions they do not increase the volume of fat stores.

The increase in body weight is erroneously attributed to the consumption of a significant amount of carbohydrates. In fact, they are absorbed faster than proteins and fats, which causes the body to significantly reduce the need to oxidize fats that have come in with food, and they form deposits.

In addition, in some products containing carbohydrates, a lot of fat. For example, in chocolate it is up to 45%, in cream up to 55%. To the body coped with the oxidation of fat, it is enough to reduce the consumption of fatty foods. As a result, you will manage to lose weight or leave the weight at the same level.

Table (list) of slimming products

Carbohydrates are found in sweet, flour products, as well as porridges, fruits, fruit juices, berries, dairy products.

To lose weight, it is worth to eat a day not more than 50-60g of foods containing carbohydrates. To maintain weight at a stable level, it is allowed to increase their amount to 200 g per day. When you consume more than 300 g of carbohydrates, the weight begins to increase.62,5 Dried dates 248 62,5 Prune 161 40 Bananas fresh 79 20 Grapes 61 15 Cherries are fresh 47 12,5 Fresh apples 37 10 Fresh peaches 37 10 Fig green fresh

<td align = " 10 < Fresh Apricots 41 10 Fresh Apricots 28 7,5 Apel fresh 35 7,5 Mandarins are fresh 34 7 , 5 Compote from black currant without sugar 24 5 Fresh grapefruit 22 5 Melons of honey 21 5 Fresh raspberries 25 5 Strawberries are fresh 26 5 Nuts Chestnuts 170 37,5 Soft nut oil 623 12.5 Forest nuts 380 7,5 Dried coconut 604 7.5 Salted roasted peanut 570 7,5 Almond 565 5 Walnut trees 525 5 Sugar and jam Sugar white 394 99,8 77,5 Gem 261 70 Marmalade 261 70 Sweets Lollipops 327 87,5 Iris 430 70 Milk chocolate 529 60 Non-alcoholic beverages Chocolate liquid 366 77,5 Cocoa powder 312 12,5 Coca-Cola 39 10 Lemonade 21 5 Alcoholic beverages Alcohol 70% 222 35 Vermouth su 118 25 Wine red 68 20 Wine dry white 66 20 Beer 32 10 Sauces and marinades Ketchup tomato 98 25 Mayonnaise 311 15 Soups Chicken soup with noodles 20 5

Injury in large quantities Carbohydrate-containing foods

What foods contain carbohydrates

The use of large amounts of carbohydrate food depletes the insulin apparatus, leads to a shortage of mineral salts, vitamins, disrupts the processing and assimilation of food, disruptions in the work of internal organs.

Decomposition products of carbohydrates can inhibit the development of beneficial microorganisms. For example, the yeast used to make white bread, comes into conflict with the intestinal microflora.

Harm products from yeast dough is seen long ago. Therefore, some people bake bread exclusively from an unleavened dough, sometimes this rule is fixed in dogmas of beliefs.

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