What foods contain vitamin B12?

What foods contain vitamin B12?


  • Function in the body
  • Daily requirement
  • List and table of foods containing vitamin B12
  • Causes and symptoms of deficiency
  • Excess cyanocobalamin

Receipt from products of vitamin B12 ( cyanocobalamin ) is necessary for the life of the body. A crystalline substance containing cobalt was artificially produced for the first time from the liver in 1948 and is still used for the prevention and treatment of an extensive list of diseases.

Function in the body

What foods contain vitamin B12?

Cyanocobalamin is water soluble, synthesized by the intestinal microflora. It is responsible for the level of hemoglobin, the functioning of the nervous system, reduces irritability, in combination with folic acid (B9) is necessary for hematopoiesis in the bone marrow, the maturation of red blood cells.

The sufficient content of vitamin B12 in foodstuffs stimulates carbohydrate and fat metabolism, activates the blood coagulation system, positively influences the function of the nervous system and liver, stimulates the production of bile salts, which lowers cholesterol.

A significant amount of vitamin B12, which contains products of animal origin, is found in the liver and kidneys, as well as in the spleen, muscles.

Cyanocobalamin is used for the prevention and treatment of various forms of anemia, liver disease, spleen, skin, with neuritis and neuralgia, exhaustion of the body, metabolic disorders, inflammation of the oral mucosa.

Vitamin B12 has a beneficial effect on the work of the heart muscle and thyroid gland, strengthens the immune system, normalizes blood pressure, has anti-allergic, antitumor and antitoxic effects, is able to strengthen the effect of certain medications.

Foods containing vitamin B12 are included in the diet to improve reproductive function (especially in men), appetite, tone increase, sleep normalization, combat depression, reduce irritability, increase capacity for concentration, improve memory.

Daily requirement

What foods contain vitamin B12?

Recommended daily requirement is:

  • for adults – up to 3 μg;
  • for nursing mothers – 2-4 mcg;
  • for children – 0,5-1,5 mkg;
  • for infants – up to 0.4 μg.

These values ​​can be increased with alcohol abuse, smoking, taking birth control pills and hypnotics.

It is especially important to provide the necessary intake of vitamin B12 to vegetarians, since plant products do not contain it. To avoid and eliminate the deficit, vegetarians need to take multivitamin supplements.

List and table of products containing vitamin B12

Cyanocobalamin synthesizes the intestinal microflora. Previously, it was artificially prepared with the help of microorganisms, which were placed in a nutrient medium containing cobalt salts.

Cyanocobalamin is absent in vegetables and fruits. Despite the fact that beet is a plant product and there is no cyanocobalamin in it, it contains cobalt salts, which are used by the intestinal microflora in the synthesis of vitamin B12.

For its better assimilation, the intake of calcium, with which cyanocobalamin interacts during the meal, is necessary. Absorption of vitamin B12 is promoted by folic acid (B9).

Most of all vitamin B12 in products of animal origin, it contains liver, meat, fish caviar, dairy products. They must be included in the diet once a week.

What foods contain vitamin B12?

What foods contain vitamin B12?

What foods contain vitamin B12?

What foods contain vitamin B12?

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Lack of vitamin B12 is observed, first of all, with long-term rejection of products containing -meat, liver, fish, milk, eggs. Preservative E200 can also cause the destruction of cyanocobalamin.

Deficiency causes a violation of its assimilation when gastrointestinal diseases – atrophic gastritis, enterocolitis, helminthic invasions.

In the case of a regular shortage within 5-6 years, the development of B12-deficiency anemia develops. As a result, the formation of deoxyribonucleic acid, the exchange of fatty acids, the level of erythrocytes and hemoglobin, the affected gastrointestinal tract, the central nervous system is disrupted. This type of anemia can lead to diseases of the liver, kidneys, blood.

The causes of B12-deficiency anemia can also be associated with taking medications against seizures, contraceptives, excessive consumption of foods that contain yeast.

In the case of diseases of the stomach, bile ducts, intestines, the so-called secondary vitamin deficiency occurs, which is associated with a decrease in the production of cyanocobalamin by the intestinal microflora.

Even with sufficient intake of products containing vitamin B12, it can be poorly digested if the body does not produce enough of the internal factor ( of the Factor factor) – an enzyme that interacts with the inactive form of cyanocobalamin, which came with food, and transforms it into an active (digestible) form.

Often in the elderly, the Castle factor is practically not produced because of the reduced synthesis in the body of acids. In this case, the doctor may prescribe injections instead of cyanocobalamin tablets. Inclusion in the diet of acidic plant foods – berries, fruits, vegetables – helps maintain the required level of production in the body of acid.

Many vitamins destroy each other , so when injecting it is impossible to mix vitamins B12 and B1, B2, B6, ascorbic acid in one syringe, which are destroyed by the cobalt ion contained in the molecule cyanocobalamin.

About the deficiency of vitamin B12 can signal the following symptoms:

  • increased fatigue, drowsiness, depression;
  • headache, dizziness;

  • irritability;
  • lack of appetite;
  • numbness of the limbs;
  • weakening and hair loss;
  • grayish or yellowish complexion.

Excess of cyanocobalamin

What foods contain vitamin B12?

When food products containing vitamin B12 enter, there is no surplus. But with an overdose of vitamin complexes, allergic reactions are possible.

In case of overabundance, nervous excitement, rapid heart rate (tachycardia), hurts in the heart area.

Excess is possible with the following diseases: chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, chronic renal failure, leukemia.

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Table of products containing most of the vitamin B12
Product (100g) Vitamin B12 content, μg
Beef liver 60
Pork liver 30
Liver sausage 23,4
Chicken liver 16
Heart beef 10
Beef tongue 4,7
Rabbit meat 4,1
Lamb 3
Beef 2,6
Chicken meat 0.5
Egg chicken 0,5
Dairy products
Cheese 1,5
Cottage cheese low-fat 1,3
Milk 0,4 ​​
Kefir 1% 0,4 ​​
Sour cream is skimmed 0,3
Fish products
Pacific oyster 16
Herring 13
Mackerel Far East 12
Sardina oceanic 11
Sardines in oil 8,7
Trout 7,4