What protein for losing weight to drink to girls, and how to take it right?

What protein for losing weight to drink to girls, and how to take it right? Three decades ago, whey protein was simply thrown away as a waste product, as waste. Today, this product is not just popular, but also differs considerable cost, because it has become one of the key components of sports nutrition.

Someone consider protein a harmful dietary supplement, someone – a panacea for losing weight or a set of muscle mass.

Which of them is right?

Content of the article:

  1. Types of protein for sports
  2. Indications and contraindications
  3. How to drink protein to lose weight?
  4. The best types of protein for losing weight to girls

What is protein – types of protein for sports, weight loss or weight gain

The term “protein”, which we hear more often lately, is hiding … usual protein . This sports supplement is intended to partially replace traditional foods, or to become an additional help in the collection of muscle mass.

Often the protein ignorant people associate with primitive “chemistry” for rapid muscle building, but in reality this is not so.

Protein is usually extracted from milk, from eggs or soy. Not so long ago it began to be extracted from beef.

That is, the protein is not a synthetic, artificially created product – it’s natural proteins , separated from other constituents and presented in a form that is convenient and accessible for quick and easy assimilation by the body.

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Protein types – what do you need?

  • Whey protein

As it is clear from the name, it is obtained from regular whey. Assimilation occurs quickly enough, therefore, this protein is deservedly called “fast protein” in the sports world.

Admission is carried out immediately after classes, to instantly supply the overtaxed muscles with amino acids.

The main purpose of use – a set of muscle mass – and, of course, weight loss.

Types of whey protein – how does it happen?

  1. Concentrate. In it – proteins, fats and carbohydrates in different proportions. Not the most pure product, very cheap and not the most popular because of the high content of additional components.
  2. Isolate. In the composition – the maximum protein and minimum fat with carbohydrates, BCAA. Features: pronounced anabolic effect, protein content – up to 95%, high processing quality. It is recommended for those who lose weight and those who choose low-carb diets.
  3. Hydrolyzate. The best variant of whey protein. Here, pure protein is up to 99%, and digestion takes place as quickly as possible. The price is high, the taste is bitter.

Whey protein – features:

  1. It is forbidden for allergies to milk / foods and lactose intolerance.
  2. The price is average (in comparison with other proteins).
  3. Assimilation is fast.
  4. The origin of the animal (note – all essential amino acids – available).
  5. BCAA in the composition (approximately – valine, leucine, isoleucine) – about 17%.
  • Casein

This additive is obtained with the curdling of milk. He is considered a slow protein because of long digestion.

Protein helps reduce catabolism (destruction) in muscles, reduces appetite, is recommended for weight loss. One of the properties is the inhibition of the assimilation of other proteins.

Types of casein – choose wisely!

  1. Casein of calcium. The product obtained from milk is not without the help of special chemical compounds.
  2. Micellar Casein. Additive with a more gentle composition and preserved in a natural form of protein structure. A better option and more easily digestible.

Casein – features:

  1. Absence of pronounced anabolic effect (note – useless for muscle mass gain).
  2. It is forbidden for allergy to casein.
  3. High price (note – 30% higher than whey).
  4. BCAA in the composition – no more than 15%.
  5. Animal origin.
  6. Slow absorption (usually drink at night).
  • Egg protein

The origin of this additive is clear to everyone from the name. Obtain it from the albumin’s clear protein, as well as from the proteins that are present in the yolk.

The most complete protein in the composition of amino acids, which is completely fat-free and has a powerful anabolic effect. Ideal for athletes for whom whey protein is not available due to allergies.

Egg protein – Features:

  1. Prohibited for allergy to egg / protein.
  2. Is able to enhance gas generation.
  3. Worth expensive.
  4. The rate of assimilation is high.
  5. BCAA – about 17%.
  6. The origin of the animal.
  7. Taste is specific.
  • Soy protein

As is clear from the name, the main component of the additive is soy. Most often this protein is used by vegetarians and girls who dream of losing weight.

Kinds of additives:

  1. Concentrate. In the composition – from 65% protein, carbohydrates are stored. It is obtained from the residue of extracted soybean oil.
  2. Isolate. The most high-quality option, obtained from soybean meal. Pure protein – over 90%, carbohydrates are absent.
  3. Texture. Create it from soy concentrate. Used as raw material for food.

Soy protein – features:

  1. Low anabolic effect.
  2. Deficiency of amino acids in the composition.
  3. Low price (note – cheap raw materials).
  4. Average digestion rate.
  5. Plant origin.
  6. Presence of isoflavones.
  7. Anticatabolic effect.
  8. BCAA in the composition – about 10%.
  9. Side effects are possible: decreased testosterone production.
  • Multicomponent Protein

This universal supplement consists of several different proteins. The goal is to increase the concentration of the desired amino acids in the blood at the expense of some proteins and maintain it at the expense of others for a long time.

A convenient protein for everyone who is too lazy to understand the properties of different proteins and choose your specific one.

The additive is suitable for recruitment and for fans of “drying”.


  1. Assimilation is long (note – after training, whey protein is much more effective).
  2. There are no standards in mixtures, so unscrupulous producers often save on the share of whey protein at the expense of soy (study the composition!).
  • Wheat protein

Not very common and popular. The additive produced from wheat is similar in composition to soybean, but it costs less.


  1. Average digestion rate.
  2. A bitter taste.
  3. Plant origin (note: insufficient number of amino acids).
  4. BCAA – about 12%.
  • Beef Protein

By properties, it resembles whey protein isolate, although it costs more, but is inferior in effectiveness.

Also not the most popular protein, besides – with meat, not the most pleasant, taste.


  1. Qualitative amino acid composition.
  2. Rapid assimilation.
  3. Form – isolate.
  4. Absence of gluten and lactose.
  5. High price.
  • Milk protein

In its composition – whey protein and casein.


  1. Average cost.
  2. Optimal assimilation.
  3. Animal origin (note: the presence of all the necessary amino acids).
  4. BCAA – about 16%.
  • Protein or geyner – what to choose?

For those who have not yet had time to understand all the features of sports / nutrition: a gainer called 80% carbohydrate, and only 20 – of protein (on average) is called a geyner. Such an additive is used mainly in force training , when there is a need for rapid weight gain.

If the organism is addicted to “splendor”, it is not recommended to use a weight gainer, otherwise all carbohydrates that you have not used will be deposited at the waist. As for proteins, they do not harm even athletes on “drying” . Indications and contraindications of protein intake for weight loss to girls – can protein be harmful to health?

First of all, the protein is consumed in the case when …

  • The body needs amino acids.
  • There are strong physical activities.
  • You need to lose weight, but without losing muscle mass.
  • There is not enough protein in the usual diet.
  • It is required to close the protein-carbohydrate “window” after training.

Also the protein is consumed for …

  • Stabilization of insulin levels.
  • Supports immunity.
  • Forming a beautiful body.
  • Recovery of muscles after intensive training.

Protein is contraindicated in the following cases …

  • Protein intolerance.
  • Having any problems with the kidneys.
  • Having problems with the liver.

Protein is harmful – experts say

According to doctors, the danger of protein is greatly overestimated. Most often, the risks are associated with an overdose of the supplement. Or with the fact that the athlete did not take into account contraindications.

The excretion of ammonia molecules that are released during the breakdown of a protein is usually handled by the kidneys. And the increased workload, of course, implies their hard work, which is unacceptable for any kidney disease (this also applies to the liver).

How to drink protein to a girl to lose weight – the basic rules for taking a protein for weight loss

специалисты Specialists do not notice any special differences in the intake of protein for women and men. The inscription on the package stating that the product is made “specifically for women” is, alas, only a marketing move.

Protein intake will depend on the intensity of exercise, day regimen and diet , as well as on the characteristics of the body.

  • Protein is mixed with the liquid. Usually with milk, with water or juice. The liquid should be the optimum temperature (not hot) so that the protein does not curdle.
  • Dosage is better to find out with a specialist. On average, 1.5-2 g of protein per kg of body weight per day should be fed into the body of an athlete who trains regularly.
  • Ideal when half the daily protein comes from the normal diet , and the other half – from sports.
  • Protein intake should be the same every day , and, regardless – there is a training or not.
  • Dosages according to the situation (approximate protein limit): for an athlete with no subcutaneous fat – 140-250 g / day, with a predisposition to excess weight – 90-150 g / day, with a minimum subcutaneous fat and work on the relief of muscles – 150-200 g / day, for weight loss – 130-160 g / day.
  • When to take? The most favorable time for admission is the morning, until 8 o’clock, after breakfast. 2nd protein window – after training. In other hours, the additive does not give the desired effect.
  • When losing weight experts recommend drinking protein isolate 1 times a day after training.

The best types of protein for slimming girls – popular brands of protein, their pros and cons

There are many kinds of protein today. Its protein should be selected based on the recommendations of the trainer and based on the characteristics of the body, nutrition, training .

The following are the most popular and effective protein supplements: Syntha-6 (BSN). Average cost: 2500 r. Effective: when typing mass, for beginners, for bodybuilders. Features: long-term action, enhances the growth of muscle mass, accelerates the process of muscle recovery after training, improves the quality of anabolic processes.What protein for losing weight to drink to girls, and how to take it right? Composition: 6 types of protein (calcium caseinate, isolate and serum / protein concentrate, micellar casein, milk protein / protein isolate, egg protein), as well as dietary fiber, papain and bromelain, BCAA, glutamine peptides, etc.
  • Matrix (Syntrax). Average price: 3300 р. Effective: for ectomorphs. Features: optimum taste, good solubility, no gluten. What protein for losing weight to drink to girls, and how to take it right? In the composition: protein mixture (egg white, micellar casein, whey and milk proteins), BCAA, etc.
  • 100% Whey Gold Standard (Optimum N.). Average price: 4200 rub. What protein for losing weight to drink to girls, and how to take it right? Ingredients: protein mixture (whey / protein isolate, whey peptides, whey protein concentrate), lecithin, aminogen, sucralose, coffee and cocoa, acesulfame potassium, etc.
  • 100% Pure Platinum Whey (SAN) . The average cost is 4100 rubles. Effective: with “drying”, for weight gain, increase in strength and endurance, acceleration of metabolism, rapid muscle recovery after training. What protein for losing weight to drink to girls, and how to take it right? Ingredients: milk whey protein, whey / protein isolate, sucralose, sodium chloride, etc.
  • Protein 80 Plus (Weider). Average cost: 1300 r / 500 g. Effective: for rapid muscle recovery, increased endurance, muscle growth. What protein for losing weight to drink to girls, and how to take it right? Ingredients: protein mixture (milk protein / protein isolate, casein and serum, egg albumin), vitamin B6, ascorbic acid, calcium carbonate, antioxidant, etc. Elite Whey Protein (Dymatize). Average price: 3250 р. Effective: for muscle growth. What protein for losing weight to drink to girls, and how to take it right? In the composition: concentrate / isolate cheese / protein + milk / protein matrix with micellar casein, whey / peptides, acesulfame potassium.
  • Probolic-S (MHP). Average cost: 2000 r / 900 g. Features: anti-catabolic effect, increased muscle growth, 12-hour supply of amino acids. What protein for losing weight to drink to girls, and how to take it right? Ingredients: BCAA, arginine and glutamine, fatty acid complex, protein mixture.
  • ProStar Whey Protein (Ultimate Nutrition). Average cost: 2200 r / 900 g. Effective: for aerobic and anaerobic training. What protein for losing weight to drink to girls, and how to take it right? Ingredients: whey protein isolate / concentrate, serum peptides, BCAA, soy lecithin, acesulfame potassium.
  • Elite Gourmet Protein (Dymatize). Average price: 3250 р. Features: lack of aspartame, pleasant taste. Effective: for muscle growth, strengthening of endurance. What protein for losing weight to drink to girls, and how to take it right? In the composition: protein mixture (concentrate / isolate of whey / protein, milk protein with micellar casein).
  • Elite 12 Hour Protein (Dymatize) . Average cost: 950 r / 1 kg. Features: 12-hour action, medium solubility, average taste. Effective: for growth and recovery of muscles. What protein for losing weight to drink to girls, and how to take it right? Ingredients: protein mixture (milk, egg and whey proteins, glutamine, BCAA), borage and flaxseed oil, etc.
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