What to do if the eye twitches

What to do if the eye twitches


  • Why eyelids twitch
  • What to do if eyelids twitch
  • Eye twitching treatment with proper nutrition

Many people sometimes twitch the upper or lower eyelid. As a rule, if this phenomenon is temporary, it does not pose a threat to health. But what if the eyelid twitching does not go away? First of all, it is necessary to give the body the necessary rest and sleep, to adjust the eating habits, so as not to cause disruption of the activities of various organs.

Why eyelids twitch

What to do if the eye twitches

Visual fatigue . One of the most common causes of eyelid twitching is eye fatigue. Many hours spent for uninteresting, but necessary work in front of the computer screen, the habit of reading in transport, the lack of night rest cause overstrain of the muscles around the eyelids.

Nervous overload . Eyelids twitch with considerable nervous overload, when the psyche is in constant tension for a long time, is stressed. The nervous tic near the eyes can begin after receiving unpleasant news.

Neurosis . The reason why the lower or upper eyelid twitches may be neurosis . What to do in this case? Try to find what is traumatic – that inner conflict or circumstances that caused stress, the source of emotional or intellectual overstrain of the psyche.

In some cases it helps to think carefully, rethink the situation, draw the right conclusions from it, be ready to exclude the factor of its unexpected repetition in the future. It is necessary to relax in one way or another, to calm down, to give the body rest.

Conjunctivitis . In a number of cases, eye twitching is associated with irritation or inflammation of their mucous membrane – conjunctiva . From a prolonged overexertion of the organ of vision, or for other reasons, it seems that sand has got into your eyes, you always want to blink or squint to remove discomfort and see better.

In this case, it is worth to turn to the oculist who will prescribe the treatment of conjunctivitis, because otherwise getting rid of blurred vision with the help of eye twitching, frequent blinking, squinting can become a habit that will make it difficult to get rid of a nervous tic and worsen visual acuity.

Eye diseases . If the conjunctiva is OK – the eyelids are not itchy, the color of the mucous is pink, but the vision is not clear, especially towards evening, especially it is worth turning to the oculist, in order to find out the cause as soon as possible, why eyes are straining and jerking, vision deteriorates.

Heredity factor . In some cases, the jerking of the lower or upper eyelids can be inherited from the parents who suffered in due time.

Weakened immunity . The nervous tic, twitching near the eyes happens with weakened immunity, after recently transferred infectious diseases, acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI), acute respiratory disease (ARI).

Nervous disorders . In serious cases, the lower or upper eyelid twitches with this or that disorder of the nervous system. Increased neuro-reflex excitability, convulsions begin, muscle hypertension. Against the background of these violations appears jerking near the eyes.

Disturbance of cerebral circulation . The twitching of the eyelid can indicate a disorder of cerebral circulation, high blood pressure. In this case, it is worth turning to the neurologist , to undergo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

For prolonged nervous tics of the eyelids, eye twitches, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

What to do if eyelids twitched

What to do if the eye twitches

To relieve the accumulated muscular tension around the organ of vision, and also to relax the psyche, to lower the stress on the body, it is necessary to give him periodic rest with the help of Palming:

  • Sit on a chair so that the back and the back of the head form a straight line. This position helps maintain optimal blood flow to the brain.
  • Shake your wrists several times to relax the tension of the psyche through their relaxation.
  • Rub palms against each other so that they become warm.
  • Place the elbows of both hands on the table. Palms and closed fingers folded in the form of a handful.
  • Use the palm of your hand to the eye sockets so that the closed eyes are opposite the recesses in the palms.
  • The nearest phalanxes of little fingers to the palm of your hand are crossed on the bridge of your nose like arches of glasses.
  • The rest of the fingers, except for the large ones, arrange the forehead. The thumbs are pressed against the brushes.
  • The bases of the palms near the wrists are placed on the cheekbones.

The palms do not fit too tightly, the eyelids should be able to blink freely. But through the places of contact between the palms and the eye sockets, there should not be light. Brushes are not tense, they only support the necessary tone.

With closed eyes, you need to imagine something pleasant, not related to the current production task or a tormenting problem. It is best to imagine something pleasant, which gives pleasure or a smile.

Exercise to relax the mind and rest the body of vision must be done whenever there are signs of fatigue or twitching eyelids. Duration and frequency of performance depends on the availability of free time and the level of mental relaxation that you want to achieve.

Treatment of eye twitches with proper nutrition

What to do if the eye twitches

Magnesium . This micronutrient affects the enzymes necessary for carbohydrate metabolism, reduces nervous excitement, relaxes the heart muscle, is necessary for optimal muscle contraction, including to eliminate twitching near the eyes.

Athletes, bodybuilders, professionally engaged in dancing often suffer because of its deficiency, since many foods rich in magnesium are caloric and therefore do not fit in the recommended diets in this case.

The microelement goes away with sweat during intense physical exertion or visiting the sauna, in case of chronic stress. In addition, magnesium is excreted from the body with bile, as well as with urine.

Lack of magnesium increases the risk of seizures, various diseases of the cardiovascular system, hypertension. Its lack is manifested by increased fatigue, sleep and heart problems, constipation, eyes may begin to twitch.

Magnesium deficiency causes predominance in the animal’s diet of products, primarily canned, in which there is little of this trace element, insufficient consumption of nuts, seeds, cereals. The shortage is caused by violations of food intake in the intestines, the use of diuretics and alcohol.

For the lower or upper eyelid eye to stop twitching, as well as for prevention, it is necessary to include in the diet wheat bran, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax, sesame seeds, as well as walnuts or cedar nuts, chocolate, sprouted wheat seeds, beans, lentils, magnesium-rich .

Calcium . A microelement is necessary for the nervous system, as well as for the functioning of muscle tissue, its optimal contraction. For intensive assimilation of calcium, physical activity or motor activity is necessary.

Calcium deficiency causes thyroid hyperfunction, pancreatitis, malnutrition, lack of vitamin D, kidney disease, excessive intake of zinc, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium.

With a deficiency of calcium, immunity decreases, muscles ache, and nervous excitability increases.

To cease to twitch eyelids, as well as to prevent spasm and cramps, you must include in the diet products rich in calcium: cheese, dairy products, sesame, almonds, dried apricots, sunflower seeds and pumpkins, walnuts, peanuts.

Aluminum . This microelement is a part of digestive enzymes, participates in the construction of epithelium and connective tissue.

But with excess intake, it negatively affects metabolic processes, disrupts phosphoric-calcium metabolism, the nervous system, leads to memory deterioration, the appearance of muscle cramps, eyes may start to twitch.

Excess of aluminum affects the central nervous system, disrupts the function of hematopoiesis, and also negatively affects the kidneys, uterus, mammary glands, leads to a deficiency of magnesium, calcium, and iron, manganese, phosphorus.

The body comes with water, with the use of medicines, the use of deodorants, aluminum dishes, as part of the design of dentures, is part of the ceramic teeth.

In the environment, aluminum is the result of an unfavorable environmental situation associated with the industrial activities of textile, paint and varnish, pulp and paper and other enterprises, and then enters the body.

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