What to do if the skin cracks

What to do if the skin cracks


  • Why does the skin crack on my hands
  • How to wash my hands so that there are no cracks
  • Anemia causes cracks in the hands
  • Cracks in the skin with a lack of vitamins
  • How to treat cracks in the hands of trays
  • Treating cracks in oils
  • How to treat cracks by folk remedies

Many women after work perform a lot of household chores: they cook, wash dishes, floors, exposing their hands to household chemicals, or cold or hot water. In the off-season and in the winter from the wind, frost, they become dry and rough, with cracks and peeling of fingers or palms. To look attractive, you need to find out why the skin is cracking, eliminate the causes, cure the cracks.

Why does the skin crack on the hands?

What to do if the skin cracks

Under the influence of cold, blood vessels contract, blood supply to the extremities worsens, irritation appears on them. First of all, on the thinnest and most sensitive areas, why they become rough, rough and hard. The situation is aggravated by moisture. As a result, the skin splits, it forms bleeding wounds, each movement gives pain.

To prevent crust formation and cracking on hands, at the first signs of irritation it must be softened with cream or glycerin.

When doing household chores, you need to wear rubber gloves, and under them – cotton, so that your hands do not sweat. Before work on the cottage site apply a protective agent.

It is especially necessary to take care of the hands in middle and old age, when the function of the sweat glands is reduced – one of the reasons why the skin cracks.

How to wash your hands so that there are no cracks

What to do if the skin cracks

To not have to cure cracks on your fingers and palms, you need to wash your hands with warm water. The maintenance of skin in cleanliness reduces the likelihood of formation of various defects on them.

For personal hygiene, it is better to use a liquid soap with a neutral level of acidity, a soft body gel is suitable. These agents help to avoid irritation.

It is useful to use liquid soap with various additives. Included in the extracts of herbs, trace elements soften, nourish and rejuvenate. In order not to crack dry skin, it is necessary to choose soap with glycerin or fatty components.

After washing hands to prevent the formation of cracks and quickly restore the protection against microbes, rinse the skin with water, where to add a small amount of vinegar or citric acid.

In order not to injure or dry hands with excess moisture, it is necessary to wipe them dry with a soft terry towel. Do not expose the damp skin to cold, otherwise it will crack.

  • Skin covers can be cleaned with a mixture of water and milk , taken in equal parts. Or to dissolve in 1 glass of warm water 1с.л. dry milk . Hold the brush for 15-20 minutes.

After water procedures, it is necessary to lubricate the skin with a moisturizing cream or glycerin.

Permanent moisture on hands not only contributes to the formation of cracks, but also provokes the development of a fungal disease. Increased sweating of the palms can be associated with a metabolic disorder, excessive nervousness.

  • To reduce sweating of hands, brew 10g sage or strawberries in a glass of boiling water, insist, drain.
    Take 0.5 glasses in the morning and in the evening for a month.

Anemia causes cracks in the hands

What to do if the skin cracks

Cracks in the hands can signal a low level of hemoglobin (anemia or anemia), causing the tissues to get insufficient oxygen. Characteristic symptoms of anemia – dizziness or headache, weakness, shortness of breath, palpitation, drowsiness. Skin is dry, with cracks, hair falls out, nails become brittle.

If the cause of anemia is a deficiency in the intake of iron, you want to eat clay, earth, chalk, paper, sand. The child becomes dry and cracked skin, he begins to lag behind in development, more often sick.The limbs are always cold.

To eliminate iron deficiency anemia and cracks, it is worth including in the diet products rich in divalent heme iron , since this form is fully absorbed by the body. It is much in meat, in pork and beef liver, kidneys, veal.

Plant food, as a rule, contains trivalent non-heme iron . It is much in raspberries, oatmeal, buckwheat, legumes, parsley, nettle. To convert the trivalent form into a bivalent, necessary organism, sufficient intake of vitamin C is required.

Assimilation of iron worsens products in which a high content of calcium . First of all, milk, cheese, potatoes, rice, egg white. Contained in tea and coffee tannin also binds iron, why it is not absorbed by the body.

To determine the level of hemoglobin, a biochemical blood test is required.

Cracks in the skin with a lack of vitamins

What to do if the skin cracks

Low hemoglobin levels can cause insufficient intake of vitamin B9 ( folic acid ). Its shortage is associated with long-term use of some anticonvulsant drugs, alcohol abuse, feeding the baby mostly with goat’s milk.

Deficiency of folic acid is manifested by irritability, increased fatigue, lack of appetite, memory impairment, dizziness, headache.

Lack of vitamin B12 intake can also cause low hemoglobin levels. Violation of coordination of movements, touch. It seems that the skin tingles.

Cracks in the hands, lips and tongue appear when there is a deficit of vitamin B2 ( riboflavin ). It is much in milk, cereals, vegetables, eggs, beef, herring, fatty sorts of cheese, beans. Vitamin B2 does not accumulate in the body, it quickly collapses under the influence of light.

For dry, cracked skin, a sufficient intake of vitamin F is necessary. In its composition unsaturated fatty acids Omega-3, Omega-6. This vitamin is a part of various creams and hair care products. A lot of vitamin F in vegetable oils, in fish oil, mackerel, nuts.

The reason why the skin cracks when all necessary vitamins are supplied with food can be a violation of their assimilation due to regular nervous overstrain and stress, dysbiosis, abnormalities in metabolic processes.

In this case, it is worthwhile to see a doctor so that he or she can appoint a comprehensive treatment. It will be necessary to adjust the diet, normalize the function of the intestines, clean the body.

How to heal cracks in the hands of the tubs

What to do if the skin cracks

  • Clean and boil potatoes . Pour water into enamel or glassware, allow to cool. Keep the weather-beaten, reddened hands for 15-20 minutes. The procedure helps to cope with dry rough skin.
  • In a liter of warm water, stirring constantly, add 100g of starch . Hold brush for 20 minutes, after rinse with warm water, apply cream.
  • If the skin has hardened and cracked, the baths of warm vegetable oil last 10-15 minutes. Wipe the brush with a soft clean cloth, apply a greasy cream.
  • To cope with cracks and crusty skin helps home a bath of 1 liter of warm water and 2 teaspoons. glycerin and 0.5 hl. ammonia .

Also the baths from the decoction of rice, oatmeal, chamomile, plantain are effective.

Treatment of oil cracks

What to do if the skin cracks

<olive oil , mixed in equal parts with infusion of tea mushroom , is used as a remedy to care for the cracked rough skin of the hands. It is better to apply at night, after wearing thin cotton gloves.

Calendula oil .The product is prepared from marigolds , they are insisted on soybean oil . It has an emollient, antiseptic and wound-healing effect, it does not irritate even sensitive skin, including in young children.

It is used to treat cracks, cuts, softening and removing inflammation, add to the composition of creams for face care, hands, feet.

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Sandalwood oil cleans, moisturizes, softens, antiseptic. It is especially useful for cracked, dry and itchy skin.

Patchouli oil helps to eliminate inflammation, formed crust, get rid of cracks. It is remarkable for caring for withering or dry skin, restores its elasticity.

How to treat cracks with folk remedies

What to do if the skin cracks

  • Brew 1с.л. dry calendula flowers 0.5 cups of boiling water, insist in a sealed container for 20 minutes, allow to cool, drain. The finished composition should be applied to cracks, irritations. Or freeze and wipe your face with a piece of ice.
  • To get rid of rough cracked skin, try to wash your hands with coffee grounds .
  • For faster healing of cracks in the hands, wipe their lips with ointment – a mixture of puree from fresh apple and butter (fat), taken in equal parts.
  • Apple gruel is applied to reduce inflammation to sores, burns and frostbite.
  • Boil beets , slightly warm decoction to grease cracks.
  • Applying berries sea-buckthorn softens, heals cracks and wounds.

Cracks are treated by lubricating tincture propolis or calendula , tie the cut sheet aloe .

Recipe for cracks on the heels:

  • boil for 5 minutes on low heat 1с.л. Marigold , lightly covered with water, allow to cool. Grind into a pulp bulb , chop 1c.l. Kalanchoe , mix all the ingredients and apply for 3 hours at the crack.
    Be treated every other day for 2 weeks.

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