What to do if the skin is flaky on the face

What to do if the skin is flaky on the face


  • Causes of peeling skin
  • Face lotions
  • Mint masks from peeling of the face
  • What to do if the face is peeling
  • If dry skin on the face is peeling

This cosmetic defect often appears under the influence of weather factors: severe frost, wind, sun, causing a lack of moisture in the skin. In addition, the skin on the face is shelled because of the unfavorable environmental conditions. In addition to the simplest recommendations – to maintain a sufficient amount of moisture in the body, use at least 1 liter of clean water every day, use it for washing – in some cases helps to change the diet, various masks for use at home.

Causes of facial peeling

What to do if the skin is flaky on the face

In addition to external factors, the skin is affected by a deficiency of the following vitamins:

Vitamin A (retinol) . It is necessary to regulate the processes of exchange, regeneration and growth. Has an effect on cholesterol metabolism, the synthesis of hormones.

Vitamin A is found in fish oil, egg yolk, butter. Carrots, lettuce, currants, peaches, apricots contain carotene , provitamin A.

Insufficient intake is manifested by dryness and peeling of the skin on the face and hands, deterioration of the ability to counteract infections, decrease in appetite.

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) . It is part of the enzymes involved in the transformation into energy of carbohydrates and fats, the reactions of metabolism. The signs of a deficit are cracks and “zaedy” in the corners of the mouth, peeling of the skin on the face, thinning of the hair, poor sleep, dizziness.

Daily requirement is from 1.3 to 2.4 mg. The daily stresses, using antidepressants, estrogen-based contraceptives, breastfeeding women of this vitamin need more – up to 2 mg. Under the influence of sunlight, it quickly degrades in products.

Vitamin B2 is found in milk, liver, brewer’s yeast, beef, herring, fatty sorts of cheese, almonds, walnuts, beans, peas.

Vitamin B8 (inositol) . It is produced by intestinal bacteria, as well as from glucose in the heart, liver, kidneys. Participates in the synthesis of ascorbic acid, digestive enzymes.

In case of deficiency, the skin on the arms and face flakes, the blood cholesterol level rises, and the appetite decreases.

Vitamin B8 is found in egg yolks, milk, kidneys, rice, brewer’s yeast.

Face lotions

What to do if the skin is flaky on the face

If the skin is dry, it can be cleaned with a cotton swab dampened in a mixture of milk with boiled water .

To eliminate peeling at home, it is easy to manufacture and apply lotions for dry skin:

  • Softening lotion . Mix 50g vodka , 2g salicylic acid , 10ml glycerin , 200g mint water (infuse 1 liter of cold water a bundle of mint), 1 / 4ch. sodium tetraborate (“borax”, solution in glycerin).
    Wipe clean skin daily, after applying nourishing cream.
  • Tonic Lotion . Grind the egg yolk with the juice of one lemon , add 1/2 cup cream , 1с.л. vodka .
    Wipe overnight in the face until it is absorbed, remove the residues. Home remedy removes irritation and peeling, makes the skin soft and soft.

For oily skin, prepare another lotion:

  • Get zest with one lemon (thin upper yellow layer of peel), grind it, add 2 tsp. chamomile flowers , 2 p.s. sage , brew with a glass of boiling water, insist 2 hours, drain. Add juice from one lemon , 100 g vodka , 30 g camphor alcohol .

Daily to wipe the face to get rid of peeling, inflammation, acne.

Mint masks from facial peeling

What to do if the skin is flaky on the face

If the skin is quickly irritated, peeling, acne is formed, it is useful to make cleansing pores compress of mint leaves :

  • Grind half a glass of fresh leaves peppermint , brew 0.5 liters of boiling water, knead well with a spoon. Close the dishes with a lid, infuse for 30 minutes.

Put on 15 minutes gruel from the leaves on the face, cover with a napkin, moistened with mint infusion. Afterwards, wash off the mask with cool water. Cleansing compress is recommended once a week.

To eliminate irritation and flaking of dry facial skin, to soften and nourish it, it is worth making a mint-lemon cream :

  • Beat 1/2 tsp. lemon juice with 1hour. butter , add 1 tsp. broth from dried leaves peppermint (1 p.l of leaves per 1/2 cup of boiling water).

This cream is especially useful in the spring when the body lacks vitamins.

To nourish and moisturize dry facial skin, prone to peeling, at home, it is worth preparing a curd-mint mask :

  • Rasterize 2 p.p. fresh cottage cheese with 1ch.L. fatty sour cream , add 2-3 p.s. infusion leaves mint , mix thoroughly.

Apply the mask to the face for 15 minutes, afterwards remove with a swab, rinse the skin with warm water.

What to do if the face is peeling

What to do if the skin is flaky on the face

For skin cleansing, it is useful to prepare a lime decoction :

  • Pour 1 / 2 glasses of cold water 1 ч.л. crushed linden color . When it boils, simmer for 15 minutes, drain. Add 1hour. flower honey .

Soak the broth for a week. At the end, wash the broth with warm water.

To get rid of peeling of the skin of the face or hands helps

    Pour 2 parts sunflower oil 1 part grass St. John’s Wort , strain the finished product through gauze.

If the dry skin on the face is peeling

What to do if the skin is flaky on the face

<style . Mix and lightly beat 1/3 cup pumpkin juice with 3 tablespoons. oatmeal , add egg yolk , 1с.л. honey . Apply mask for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Recipe 2 . Mix 100g vegetable oil , 100g honey , 2 egg yolk , lightly warm. Apply the composition in layers after 5 minutes intervals, afterwards, wash off the mask with warm water.

Recipe 3 . Stir well for 1 hour. honey , sour cream and cottage cheese . Apply on scaly skin for 20 minutes, rinse with cool water.

Recipe 4 . Stretch 5 grapes pitted, add 1 tsp. honey , 1 ч.л. olive oil. Apply for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water, rub the nourishing cream.

Recipe 5 . To mix 1 ч.л. carrot juice , 1 ч.л. cream , 1с.л. fresh cottage cheese . Apply for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Recipe 6 . Peel skin with a tampon moistened with olive, sunflower, peach oil . Apply the oil again. Then rub egg yellow to the skin with fingers dipped in hot water. As a result, a creamy mass is formed. Apply mask for 15-20 minutes 1-2 times a week, remove with dry fleece or gauze.

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