What to do in case of a breakdown

What to do in case of a breakdown


  • Unhealthy way of life is the main reason for the decline of forces
  • The use of fresh air
  • The cause of the decline of forces is the lack of the sun
  • How to eliminate the decline of forces by proper nutrition
  • What do if you can not fall asleep
  • Elimination of other causes of the decline of power

Everyone should periodically rest to regain strength, avoid bad mood. After rest, weakness and drowsiness pass, there is a desire to take care of an attractive appearance. For many, the main reason for the decline of forces is chronic lack of sleep, exorbitant workloads, increased obligations. If this condition is observed every day, the decline of the forces turns into a chronic form, which is accompanied by a constant unimportant mood.

Unhealthy way of life is the main reason for the decline of forces

Often a lack of energy, a bad mood is felt in the morning. There is no vigilance and desire to engage in any business, any occupation turns into an obsessive routine that does not bring joy.

Sometimes the true reasons for the decline of forces have to be looked for. But, having revealed the source of weakness and drowsiness, it is possible to overcome this condition. Moreover, there is an incentive, after all, after the elimination of the decline of forces, there is a desire to do different things, to be interested in something, to try something new.

What is the right way to do with a decrease in vitality? What is the cause of weakness and drowsiness? What can I do to cope with the decline of power?

First of all, the reasons for the decline of forces should be looked for in the existing way of life – the mode of work and rest, the way of holding a consolidated time, eating habits. Often the cause of weakness and drowsiness lies on the surface. In most cases, it is sufficient to give due attention to various small details and details.

The use of fresh air

What to do in case of a breakdown

Obviously, quality work is required to work with pleasure and with high dedication. Fill the car with poorly purified fuel – you will not go far.

The existing habit of solving production problems in a stuffy room, in addition to being smoked – is the true cause of low energy, the decline of strength, weakness and drowsiness during the day.

Organism is vital to clean air, intake of sufficient oxygen. For this reason, at home before going to bed it is necessary to ventilate the bedroom. Such a simple measure can postpone or prevent a shortage of forces.

To avoid or eliminate the breakdown, it is worth allocating at least half an hour a day and spending the time on the street. And it is to walk, and not to breathe fresh air between visits to shops.

Convenient time for walking – before or after work. In the morning, get out early or start waking up after the day’s work on transport not at the nearest, but at the next stop. Half-hour walks help to eliminate the main causes of the decline of strength, weakness and drowsiness.

What if it is more convenient to travel by private car? Look for a secure parking lot near your work or place of residence so that you have an excuse to take a walk and eliminate the decline in energy.

The reason for the decay of forces is the lack of the sun

What to do in case of a breakdown

Under the action of the sun, the components of vitamin D are activated in the skin. Because of the lack of vitamin D, teeth are destroyed, as it regulates the absorption of calcium and fluoride.

Prolonged lack of sun, lack of vitamin D, in addition to loss of strength, weakness and drowsiness lead to eye diseases, provoke the development of diabetes. As a result of the weakening of immunity, a common cold becomes a cold. With a lack of vitamin D, fractures grow much slower.

Of course, the cause of weakness, drowsiness is the lack of other vitamins or trace elements. Even the year round use of vitamin complexes from the pharmacy, vegetables and fruits does not always allow you to cope with the decline of power. At least because it is not always clear which technologies were used to create vitamins, to grow imported fruits and vegetables.

You can accept the gift of a surplus harvest of friends, acquaintances, neighbors. But only those you trust. As some growers grow “for themselves” is very different from the grown “for sale.” Regularly using the grown “for sale”, you can upset your health.

Who has no gardeners friends, and you do not want to buy on the market, you can eliminate the decline of strength by taking supplements (dietary supplements).

It is important to approach the choice of dietary supplements thoroughly, carefully study the information on the Internet, consult with experts or with those whom you trust.

It is good, if the selected company is on the market for many years. It is simply wonderful if she constantly cares not only about the quality of products, but also about the quality of production, the observance and improvement of technology, receives quality certificates from reputable organizations.

Often the use of carefully selected supplements helps to eliminate the causes of loss of strength, weakness, drowsiness. Retreat or cure chronic diseases, there is cheerfulness, a daily companion becomes a good mood.

Quality product works wonders, increases energy, vital activity. After all, substances from dietary supplements, helping to eliminate the decline of strength, come almost ready, almost completely eliminating the additional efforts of the body for their processing and assimilation.

What to do if you can not fall asleep

What to do in case of a breakdown

In case of loss of strength, weakness, drowsiness, the possible cause is quality and sleeping conditions. If it is an uncomfortable mattress or pillow, you should not spare money by replacing them with comfort.

In some cases, an increase in the amount of night rest helps: to eliminate the daytime sleepiness can be an earlier departure to bed.

Helps to give up the habit of watching TV for a long time – a flickering color picture loads and tires the nervous system, which makes it impossible for her to return to a calm state for a long time. Do not sit in the evening in front of a computer, it is much more useful to read a book.

Interfere with thinking about production problems. Warm milk with honey helps to cope with insomnia in the evening.

Elimination of other causes of loss of power

What to do in case of a breakdown

Lack of vitality, energy reduction – the reason for daytime weakness and drowsiness – is often associated with lack of movement.

A simple rule that helps to avoid a decline in strength, to acquire a strong energy: to regularly “mix” the fluid in the body, not to allow in the organs of stagnation.

Enough movement, exercise. Since it is obvious that if you sit in front of the computer, go out to the shops only, be lazy to do exercises, soon there will be a breakdown, weakness, drowsiness.

The chronic form of the decline of forces often indicates a certain openness of consciousness, a tendency to focus on problems, to attach too much importance to them.

Some people are helped by a review of the attitude towards workers and family responsibilities. Is it really necessary to carry out all the planned tasks? Often, excessive commitment, the desire to bring it to the end becomes the true cause of the decline of strength, drowsiness and weakness, unwillingness to do anything.

If the cause of weakness in the overvalued “obligatory”, it needs to be adjusted. Stop upset, if this or that thing failed to be accomplished on time, allocate more time for personal rest. Do not spend holidays on beds or repair an apartment, but find an opportunity to go on a trip.

It is important to choose an individual balance of work and leisure. Then the decline of strength, the causes of weakness and drowsiness will remain in the past. Filled with strength and energy, a person enjoys doing what he likes best, sharing with others joy and optimism.

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