What to take the child with them to competitions in another city – a list of necessary things for the journey

What to take the child with them to competitions in another city - a list of necessary things for the journey Each mother has her own reasons to give her child to the sports section. One gives the baby to grow stronger and mature, the other – to improve health, the third – that the baby develops comprehensively, etc. Regardless of the reasons, sooner or later the parents of a young athlete face such an exciting event as the competition. And it is good, if it is a holiday of regional or city scale, and if it is necessary to send a child to another city?

The main thing is not to panic! And remember the golden middle, collecting the child on the road. Article list:

  1. List of documents for the child on the trip
  2. List of things for the competition
  3. What can I take the child from food?
  4. How to think about money issues?
  5. What is the collection of a child from medicines?
  6. Security and communication

List of documents for a child on a trip to a competition in another city – what to collect and how to pack?

The very first and important item in the list of preparations for the competition is the collection of documents. Without them, the child in any case can not do.

If the competitions take place on the territory of the country, then it will suffice:

  • Original birth certificate.
  • Copies of the medical certificate.
  • Appropriate medical information.
  • Copies of the TIN (or pension certificate).
  • Insurance contracts (note – “sports” insurance).
  • Receipt for payment of membership fee (if necessary).

When traveling outside the RF to this list, you can add …

  • Notarized permission from Mom and Dad to leave the child with a coach for the competition + a copy of it.
  • Tickets, visa.

How to store and transport documents when traveling to competitions?

Of course, the ideal option – to store documents from the coach. But if this is impossible for certain reasons, then you should remember (and teach the child) certain rules so that the documents are not lost, not rumpled and not stolen.

The most important thing is to keep documents on the trip. It is on a trip that they usually mysteriously and irretrievably disappear, along with money and other things.

  • We pack the documents in a bag with a “clip” and put it in a plastic small daddy (or in a waterproof thermo-case), which can fit in a waist bag. So the documents will always be with the child. You can use a handbag with a zipper that hangs around your neck.
  • Upon arrival at the hotel, all documents should be given to the coach or left in the room in the suitcase , and on the street to take with him only copies that should be done in advance.
  • We do not store documents together with the available cash or cards , otherwise, in case of theft, the money will drain along with the documents.

What to take the child with them to competitions in another city - a list of necessary things for the journey

List of things for the child to the competition – what needs to be collected in a suitcase?

When collecting a sports bag (a suitcase) for the child on the road, remember that you should take only the most necessary things so that your child does not have to carry extra pounds.

Write a list in advance and follow it.

How to pack a suitcase compactly?

So, competitions are usually taken …

  • Form. How much to put in a bag of sportswear – this question depends on the duration of the trip. If the child goes for 1 day, then the first set, of course, enough. And if the trip is supposed to be long, then you can not do without changing clothes.
  • Shoes. Ideal – 2 pairs of shoes (on the road and for the competition).
  • Consider the climatic features of the region in which the competition will take place! When traveling in winter (and even in a severe region) you should buy thermal underwear.
  • Things for a special occasion. For example, if there is an opportunity to swim in the sea or go to the theater (cinema, club, etc.).
  • Hygiene products .In order not to carry heavy bottles with shampoos, buy plastic mini-cases that are enough for a trip. Also do not forget the comb, towel, soap and paste with a brush, removable underwear, toilet paper and wet napkins and so on.
  • Communication facilities, equipment. When stacking a computer (tablet, extra phone, camera, etc.) in the bag, take care of the chargers and adapters. One of the nuances about which one should also think in advance is roaming.

Ask the trainer what else you might need on the trip, and exclude from the list things that the child can do without.

What can I take to the competition for a child from eating – think through the food list

Food for long trips is a difficult question. Especially if the mother is not around, and mashed potatoes no one in front of the nose will not deliver.

For a long journey, of course, you should take care of dry soup:

  • Galettes, cookies, dried bread, dried.
  • Jams, condensed milk (do not forget the opener), peanut butter, etc.
  • Soups, vermicelli, cereals and mashed potatoes in dry form.
  • Dried fruits and caramels.
  • Water.

On the first day of the trip, of course, it is better to cook the child with a homemade meal and put it in containers or wrap the foil.

Be sure to attach to the package with food napkins – dry and wet , children in the absence of parents are often not puzzled by hygiene issues, and specifically run to wash their hands on the train they will most likely not be. And the coach can not follow all at once. Money for the child in the competition – how to think about money matters and security?

The question of money is no less complicated. Especially if your child is not at the age when he can safely be entrusted with any amount. Therefore, it is better to give money to a small athlete to the coach, who will give them out as necessary.

As for the older child, everything is much simpler here:

  • How much money? It all depends on the range of the trip and its features. The amount may include funds for food and accommodation, for souvenirs and recreation, for the purchase of sports nutrition on the spot or the devices needed for the competition. Also, you should give the child the amount that he has enough for a return ticket (in case of force majeure).
  • When traveling abroad the amount of the amount is significantly increased.
  • Explain – how to store money on a trip . Ideal – in a special waterproof container, on the neck (on a string) or in a waist bag.
  • It is not worth all the money immediately put in a “one basket.” The sum for a case of force majeure is better to be hidden in depth of a bag / suitcase. Part of the money to leave the coach. And carry the money for your pocket.
  • Do not forget about the option of a bank card. Get it for your child and put it in your wallet to refill if necessary (for example, cash loss). Just do not forget to clarify whether there are ATMs in the city where your child is going.

What to take the child with them to competitions in another city - a list of necessary things for the journey

When traveling in Russia, it will not be difficult to build a first aid kit. But it is recommended to take only the most necessary – especially since pharmacies today are enough even in the smallest cities, and problems with the purchase of drugs usually do not arise.

How to get a first aid kit for a child on vacation?

So, in the medicine cabinet you can put:

  • Bandage, patches and a means for rapid treatment of wounds.
  • Emergency medicine for poisoning.
  • The drug is from allergies.
  • Analgesics and spasmolytic.
  • Additional drugs if the child has a chronic illness.
  • Means that help relieve pain with bruises or injuries.

Appearances, passwords, addresses – once again we study safety issues and communication

Do not give your child an expensive phone on the road . Leave it at home and give yourself a conventional button phone, the loss of which you can easily survive.

You should also …

  • Write down all the phone numbers of those adults who are traveling with your child – the coach accompanying. And also phone numbers of friends of your child and their parents (just in case).
  • Write down the address of the hotel , where the child will live, her phone number.
  • Find the addresses of all the places in which the child will train and perform.
  • Write the child to the phone (and duplicate on paper!) All important phone numbers (trainer, your, emergency services, etc.).

And of course, if you can go to competitions with the child, then do not miss this opportunity. Especially if the child has not reached the age when it can be called independent.

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