What you can eat after poisoning

What you can eat after poisoning


  • The causes of poisoning
  • Than you can not eat, if it happens to poison yourself
  • How to eat after poisoning
  • How to eat right so as not to get poisoned

For sure everyone though once in his life he was exposed to food poisoning. In the stomach, discomfort appears, nausea or vomiting appears … The thought of eating is unbearable, the intestine is upset. Of course, it is necessary to be more careful and attentive, pay attention to the shelf life of products, properly store them. Sooner or later, the symptoms of malaise pass, life gradually returns to the usual course. To restore the process correctly, you need to know what you can eat after poisoning.

Causes of poisoning

In the case of the appearance of the first symptoms, one should not expect “maybe, it will carry”. It is better to go to the hospital as soon as possible or call an ambulance. Especially if the temperature rises, there is weakness, diarrhea, stomach aches.

The causes of food poisoning are different:

  • not thoroughly washed products;
  • cooking without proper processing rules;
  • incorrect storage conditions;
  • expiration date.

It often happens that low-quality food is poisoned by children.

If there are symptoms of poisoning, it is better for the patient to lie down. So the body is easier to fight infection. Usually, a generous drink is prescribed to remove harmful substances from the body as soon as possible. If you feel sick, water helps to cleanse the stomach of the remnants of poor-quality food.

As a rule, while the body is busy cleaning, there is no desire. After a while after the poisoning comes relief and you can begin to gradually eat.

. However, such products should also be excluded from a healthy diet. Products should not irritate the inflamed walls of the stomach and intestines.

It is necessary to completely exclude sausages, fish, meat, canned goods, millet, pearl and barley porridge, coffee, cocoa, milk, sweet, spicy, fatty foods, lard.

Some of the permitted products can not be consumed in the first days of recovery. For example, often patients bring fruit, in this case they are not worth it.

How to eat after poisoning

What you can eat after poisoning

The allowed products should be consumed in small amounts, literally a few spoons. For more food, the body may not have enough strength, as he spent a lot on fighting food poisoning.

Food that can be eaten after poisoning is cooked to a liquid state or to a puree state, so as to lower the stomach and internal organs as less as possible and thereby facilitate their early recovery. It is recommended to drink as much as possible pure drinking water or strong tea.

First meal

You can make a cup of chicken broth, drink a glass of tea with rusks. Or boil the potatoes and cook the mashed potatoes. The porridges on the water are good from buckwheat, rice, especially rice fastens.

If you do not like mashed potatoes or porridge, you can limit yourself to an abundant drink. To drink as much as possible pure water, tea, broth of a dogrose. If there is an appetite, it is useful to drink a glass of unsweetened tea with breadcrumbs.

What to eat the next day

The next day after poisoning you can eat light and rubbed dishes, little by little, but often. Recommended rice porridge on the water, chicken broth, jelly. You can add to the diet of boiled chicken meat, cooked it steamed or boiled, and the meat is better chopped.

You should continue to drink as much liquid as possible. Food should not be too cold or hot.

How to eat in the days to come

It is necessary to eat depending on the state of health, correlating health and stool.

It is useful to continue drinking decoction of broth, rice broth, boiled lean meat, decoctions of dried fruits, mashed carrots, mashed potatoes, biscuits.

Gradually, depending on how you feel, you need to return to the usual diet.

At the end of the recovery period, it is useful to buy in a pharmacy and take a course of probiotics – drugs that restore the intestinal microflora.

How to eat right so as not to get poisoned

What you can eat after poisoning

It is important to draw the right conclusions from the incident, because poisoning is not only poor-quality products, but also non-observance of personal hygiene rules.

  • You should definitely wash your hands before eating. And also every time after it happens to pet a pet.
  • After cutting meat or fish, it is important to thoroughly wash your hands, table and board. Of course, for bread and meat you need to use not only different cutting boards, but also different knives.
  • It is important to thoroughly roast fish, it is good to wash vegetables and fruits.
  • Before opening cans of canned milk, condensed milk, beer cans, carefully wash the cover outside with a stiff brush, adding a dishwashing detergent.

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