When a girlfriend is enraged and annoyed – what to do and how to deal with it?

When a girlfriend is enraged and annoyed - what to do and how to deal with it? Life, as you know, is unpredictable. And once a friend with whom you passed the fire, water and, as they say, copper pipes, and with which, like sisters, shared their sorrows and joys for so many years, suddenly starts to irritate and even … enrage.

Where do these emotions come from, how to deal with them, and does irritation say that friendship is over?

The content of the article:

  1. Became annoying best friend – why?
  2. Rules of conduct with a friend who infuriates
  3. End of friendship – or her resuscitation?

Became annoyed best friend – why is this happening?

The reasons why close people cause irritation in us are many. A person is an emotional being, and a change of mood is quite normal.

Another thing is when irritation becomes permanent, and there is a desire to hang up during a conversation with a friend, go to the other side of the street when meeting with her, or even completely break off the relationship.

Girlfriend commands and manipulates me – do I need such a friendship?

What are the reasons for this phenomenon?

  • You no longer have the common interests that so closely connected you . She now nurses children and borschts her husband, and you have a rich life, in which “klutz-hens” do not fit.
  • You have new circles of communication , each has its own.
  • You do not have anything to talk about. Everything that you can discuss is reduced to your common past, but you both live in the present. You absolutely do not want to hear about the next achievement of her little child, and your friend – about how fun you spent at the club on Saturday.
  • Both of you (or one of you) have a family. There are almost no unifying moments, and it is not possible to maintain relations artificially.
  • One of you has a personal tragedy , which neither can understand nor share the other.
  • Your (or her) requirements for friendship became too high.
  • You have outgrown your girlfriend (note – intellectually, for example).
  • You are tired of the selfishness of a friend (she speaks only about herself, and your problems are not interesting to her).
  • You are all “too good”, and the girlfriend is annoying (envy destroyed a lot of relationships). Or, on the contrary, the girlfriend became lucky, and your “karma” overtakes you from day to day, as the winner of the contest of losers. What if the best friend envies you?

When a girlfriend is enraged and annoyed - what to do and how to deal with it?

How to behave with a friend who infuriates – the basic rules to keep calm and peace of mind

Not every female friendship passes, unfortunately, the test of time. Most often, irritation reaches the “boiling point”, after which – only parting.

But, perhaps, it makes sense not to splash emotions, but to understand yourself and assess the situation. If the person to you all the same is dear or expensive – it is necessary to look for a way for preservation of sincere balance.

  • Do not exaggerate the problem. Perhaps you are too keenly perceiving the situation, dramatizing or at all seeing is not what it really is. For example, you suffer from the “egoism” of a friend, and she has a very difficult period in her life, and she has no one but herself to pour out her soul.
  • Analyze the situation and try to find the true cause of your irritation. Do not rush to blame your girlfriend, first of all, pay attention to yourself.
  • Identify the moments that most annoy you in communicating with a friend. This will help you make the right decision about what to do next.
  • Try to accept your girlfriend as she is. With her capriciousness, nervousness and “eternal whining”, with her way of life and character.
  • Seek good in your relationship. Focus on the bright moments of friendship, not on the negative.
  • Do not save in yourself the irritation. If you do not like something, it’s better to pay attention to this girlfriend’s attention than to wait for this emotional “snowball” to roll for you both.
  • Recognize that irritation – it is not a disease , which you need to be cured, but only a reaction – the actions and events (your own and other people’s).
  • Remember that friend – the one who is always there when you need help , who knows how to listen and hear, who are able to endure, and asks for nothing in return. But at the same time, do not let yourself sit on your neck. A hungry person is usually given a fishing rod, not a fish – this rule in friendship is one of the most important. You should not solve other people’s problems, but you can direct a person to their decision.

And, finally, talk to your girlfriend frankly. Still, this is not an outsider, and she, too, deserves sincerity towards herself.

When a girlfriend is enraged and annoyed - what to do and how to deal with it?

What if the girlfriend annoys more and more – the end of friendship or her resuscitation?

If a friend is constantly annoying, and your irritation is only amplified – then, of course, this is a problem. But this is your problem. Not friends.

This is only your feeling, arising as a reaction, to words and deeds. So, in your power to change the situation – taking into account the mistakes that you will easily see in your relationship with a friend.

First of all, try to talk heart to heart . Do not tell her how she pisses you, but explain that there is something wrong with your friendship, and that both sides will have to try to regain comfort.

If for a friend you are as important as she is for you, then the conversation will be fruitful, and the result will surely please you .

Nothing helps? Take a pause for a month – leave the “ether”, do not communicate . Not rude and harsh, but correctly – for example, by sending a text message that you are leaving for business for a month.

If nothing changes after a pause – then, perhaps, the issue of preserving friendship is no longer relevant.

When a girlfriend is enraged and annoyed - what to do and how to deal with it?

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Do not despair. It happens that the roads of friends diverge.

Have you had similar situations in your life? And how did you get out of them? Share your stories in the comments below!

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