Which eggs are better absorbed

Which eggs are better absorbed


  • Useful substances contained in egg whites and yolks
  • What kind of eggs is more useful?
  • Which eggs are better absorbed – raw or boiled?
  • The imaginary harm of cholesterol in egg yolks
  • The use of quail eggs

When answering the question “which eggs are better absorbed?” opinions strongly differ. Some are convinced that it is necessary to boil, others believe that heat treatment destroys a lot of useful substances, including contained vitamins. In what form is it more useful to eat eggs for food?

Useful substances contained in egg yolk and yolk

As you know, the product has a high nutritional value. It contains a lot of substances, useful health: vitamins A, B, involved in the reactions of assimilation of trace elements, creation and renewal of the cells of the nervous system, bones, muscles.

The egg yolk contains vitamin D, which is necessary for the exchange reactions of phosphorus and calcium.

The product is rich in mineral substances – calcium, iron, phosphorus, copper. They are part of the essential amino acids necessary for the life of the body.

In what form it is more useful to eat eggs

Which eggs are better absorbed

Yolk is more useful in raw form. To not earn salmonellosis , the yolk needs to be sprinkled with a small amount of citric acid or add vinegar. Sour environment kills germs.

Yolk is useful to eat with vegetable oil, so fat-soluble acids are better absorbed.

Which eggs are best absorbed – raw or cooked?

Which eggs are better absorbed

Boiled hard-boiled are digested worse. In addition, to digest them, you need to spend more calories than they contain. Thus, it is a product with a negative calorie content.

In addition:

  • as a result of prolonged cooking, destroy important amino acids – cystine , methionine , cysteine ​​.
  • if stored for more than 24 hours, even in a refrigerator – for example, in the form of salad or okroshka – harmful gas compounds hydrogen sulfide , ammonia , hydrogen phosphorous образу are formed.

A useful product is better absorbed when cooking soft-boiled. Begin to cook in cold water, soak for about half a minute in boiling water.

You can prepare a healthy dish, with the use of which chicken eggs are most fully absorbed. It is necessary to separate the yolk from the protein by whipping them separately, and then reconnect.

Imaginary damage to cholesterol in egg yolks

Which eggs are better absorbed

As you know, the yolk contains a lot of cholesterol. Therefore, some are convinced that eating a lot of eggs is harmful, quite enough two or three a week.

In fact, cholesterol in the egg yolk and in the blood of the human body is not the same. His level in the blood of a man raises fatty foods, because it is from her liver that cholesterol is prepared. Even if you give up fatty foods, its production will not stop. On the contrary, it will increase even more.

This substance is necessary for the body, it produces vitamin D, sex hormones, adrenal hormones, including testosterone , gallbladder acids.

избы An excess of “bad” cholesterol, the so-called low-density lipoproteins, is dangerous to health. It is the source of atherosclerotic plaques inside the vessels. As you know, plaques can lead to a heart attack or cause cardiovascular disease.

Use of quail eggs

Which eggs are better absorbed

This product is preferred even by astronauts, since it does not contain harmful microbes and bacteria, is unpretentious in storage and is remarkably digested in raw form. These qualities are indispensable for long flights to space. The females of the Japanese quail are carried every day, their contents are not associated with significant hassle.

Fasting in the raw form of the most useful and healthiest product relieves gastritis, colitis, atherosclerosis and many other diseases.Improves memory, increases resistance to stress, strengthens eyesight and immunity. In Japan, they are given twice a day, even to small children.

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