Which products contain zinc

Which products contain zinc


  • Use of zinc
  • Consumption rate
  • Causes of deficiency
  • How zinc deficiency manifests
  • Excess zinc
  • Products rich in zinc

Regular consumption of foods , containing zinc, helps improve the condition of the skin, hair, and prevent various diseases. It is incorrect to believe that the more this micronutrient comes with food, the better. Equally harmful is both a deficit and an excess. When compiling a diet, it is necessary to observe a balance so as not to cause harm to health.

Benefits of zinc

Most of the element in spermatozoa , prostate gland , retina , memory-related areas of the brain, and pituitary , which produces growth hormones, affecting the metabolism, reproductive function.

Microelements are found in the liver, hair, skin, bones, lymph nodes, thymus, dividing the cells of the immune system.

Zinc is a part of 200 enzymes involved in metabolic reactions, cell division, production of the male sex hormone testosterone , which is why it is called a “male” element. It is necessary to eliminate inflammation, neutralize carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Along with selenium, vitamins C and E, this microelement also has antioxidant activity, prevents the formation of free radicals that destroy cell membranes. These beneficial properties are especially needed in adverse environmental conditions, to slow the aging process.

The element helps to form the final structure of insulin in the pancreas before the hormone appears in the blood, normalizes the glucose level, lowers cholesterol.

If there is a lack of foods containing zinc in the diet, vitamin A can not release from the liver, to get through the blood in the tissues, improve the skin condition. In case of lack of an element, even the use of increased doses of vitamin A does not bring results.

Consumption rate

Which products contain zinc

The daily norm of an adult is 15-20 mg.

Suction from food occurs in the small intestine. A significant amount – up to 90% – is excreted with fecal masses, up to 10% in urine, 2% with sweat.

Men lose micronutrient during closeness. Therefore, to compensate for losses and maintain reproductive capacity at a high level, men especially need products containing zinc.

Causes of Deficiency

Which products contain zinc

Zinc deficiency due to low intake with products occurs in men and women. This element is especially necessary for representatives of professions requiring attention and accuracy of movements.

Deficiency is dangerous to pregnant women, because it leads to a malformation of the fetus, a decrease in the maternal instinct due to inadequate production of sex hormones. The future mother is more often sick, the time of gestation increases, the taste sensations change, rather fatigue sets in.

In the period of gestation, the deficit may be due to the transition of a significant amount of the element to the fetus.

The reason for the deficiency of zinc may be the use of foods rich in fiber. Its excessive intake disrupts the body’s ability to absorb certain minerals and vitamins.

Despite the undoubted benefits of bran, especially in weight loss programs, metabolic restoration, cholesterol reduction, it is necessary to thoroughly dose fiber.

Admission of a sufficient number of products containing zinc and other trace elements, helps prevent the violation of mineral metabolism.

Deficiency of the element causes not only a shortage in the diet of products containing zinc, but also an excess of copper intake, a lack of protein, and alcohol abuse.

It turns out that the deficiency of the element increases the predisposition of adolescents to alcoholism and drug addiction.

The lack of a microelement causes the consumption of too salty or sweet food.The cause of the lack of zinc is also the diseases of the kidneys, worms, impaired absorption in the intestines.

How is zinc deficiency manifested?

Which products contain zinc

The lack of an element with food is manifested by a decrease in appetite, anemia, allergy. The visual acuity decreases, stomatitis, gingivitis, erosion and ulcers of mucous membranes become more frequent.

The body weight decreases, colds become more frequent, wounds heal more slowly, the recovery time after injuries increases.

In case of deficiency, the skin begins to peel off, the nails are peeled off, hair falls out. There is apathy, depression, thinking is unclear. Catarrhal and infectious diseases are becoming more frequent.

Sensitivity decreases, taste sensations, sense of smell change. There is a slowdown in growth, forgetfulness appears, cholesterol levels increase.

The pancreas does not produce enough insulin and other enzymes. On the skin poured acne, there are eczema, dermatitis.

The production of the male sex hormone testosterone

decreases. Man’s infertility is discovered – the loss of the ability to impregnate a female cell. The potency decreases, the risk of adenoma of the prostate gland increases, the sexual maturation of adolescents slows down.

Excess zinc

Which products contain zinc

Excessive consumption of foods rich in zinc, reduces the absorption of iron, calcium, copper. Therefore, it is necessary to include in the menu vegetables or fruits containing these elements.

Daily intake of 150-600 mg of the element causes poisoning, nausea and weakness, and other signs of intoxication.

To avoid poisoning, it should be borne in mind that galvanized dishes are designed for water and dry loose products. Cook in such dishes is not worth it. Also, do not use water that has been in galvanized dishes for a long time.

In the form of a metal, the element is neutral to the body. Hazards of health are compounds. For example, the poisonous zinc phosphide , which is part of the means against rodents.

Products rich in zinc

The element is best absorbed from nuts, wheat germ, beans. They are rich in oysters, brewer’s yeast, mushrooms, pumpkin seeds, oatmeal. It is much in meat products – beef, poultry, offal, and also fish.

The content in seeds of sunflower, groats, nuts, almonds, chicken eggs, bread is quite high.

Products containing zinc are shown in Table 1:

Table 1. Zinc content in food products
Product How much mg of zinc per 100 g of product
Oysters 400
Beer yeast 30
Wheat germ 13
Blueberry 10
Mushrooms 10
Onions 8
Oat flakes 7,6
Beef 5.2
Sunflower 5,2
Green peas 5
Lentils and 5
Soybean 4,9
Sesame raw seeds 4,4
Pumpkin seeds 4,2
Wheat 4,1
Egg yolk 4
Pine nuts 3,2
Nuts 3
Rye 2,5
Sunflower seeds raw 2,2
String beans 2,1
Fig. 2 Fans of vegetarian or low-calorie diets, excluding foods rich in zinc, are prone to mother multivitamins or special supplements to prevent a lack of important trace element.

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