White spots on the skin

White spots on the skin


  • What skin diseases can be confused with vitiligo
  • What is vitiligo disease
  • Causes of white spots on the skin
  • How dangerous are white spots in vitiligo
  • How prevent the appearance of white areas on the body
  • Diet for quick removal of stains on the skin
  • Ways to treat vitiligo

Happens, on the skin for various reasons, there are white spots. Often an incorrect diagnosis is made vitiligo , a violation of the pigmentation of the skin . This is not life-threatening, but difficult to treat. It occurs in adults and children. In any case, the appearance of spots on the body is not only a cosmetic defect, but also a signal about various violations of the well-coordinated work of internal organs.

What skin diseases can be confused with vitiligo

White spots on the skin

If a white spot is found, it is worthwhile to see a doctor. The sooner this is done, the more successful the subsequent treatment will be:

  • The spots on the body appear with pityriasis . Fungus affects the surface of the body and scalp, its enzymes interfere with the production of melanin, making the skin at first pink, then a characteristic whiteness. The disease is treated with antifungal drugs.
  • In case of ringworm , itching appears, a dermal protrusion, scales are formed. The disease also differs fungal nature, which is revealed by the appropriate study.
  • A variety of non-contagious lichen is often confused with vitiligo. In this case, medication is prescribed.
  • Cosmetic defect leukoderma , the so-called necklace of Venus , is caused by manifestations of secondary syphilis. Sometimes it is found on the arms, armpits, on the back. Light areas up to a centimeter in diameter do not cause physical discomfort and may not go away for several years. To this case, treatment with antibiotics should appoint a doctor-venereologist.
  • In some cases, suspected skin disease can cause long-lasting traces of abrasion, cuts, burns. Pigmentation in this case is restored a long time, for several months.

What is the disease of vitiligo?

White spots on the skin

The skin forms white spots, their shape can be round or oval. For these reasons, the pigment melanin переста is no longer formed due to various reasons. As a result, the skin is not protected from exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation and in this place a burn may occur.

Pink or milky white areas can appear throughout the body, but most often they are formed on the face, hands, in the groin, in the elbows. They are better visible on swarthy skin, especially in summer, when the skin around becomes tanned. On the soles and on the palms of the discoloration is not observed.

Pigmental spots of vitiligo can form on a specific part of the body, then the disease is of a localized nature. Or it is generalized when they merge and the depigmented area captures a considerable area.

In the case of the most severe degree of the disease, the skin is completely discolored, as in albino. Skin sensitivity remains the same, there is no pain. If a white spot appears on the scalp, the hair in the affected area also loses color. In some cases, in this place is disturbed fat and sweating, the skin loses sensitivity, it happens sunny dermatitis .

1-2% of people suffer from this disease. As a rule, it develops at the age of 10 to 30 years, in the elderly it does not occur. Men and women are often sick. The disease can be inherited in one case out of ten.

In a number of cases, vitiligo accompanies various skin diseases: red flattening , focal alopecia or psoriasis .

Causes of white spots on the skin

White spots on the skin

The exact cause of the disease is not known at this time.More or less confidently you can talk about factors that increase the likelihood of staining on the body. These can be:

  • violations of the liver function;
  • unhealthy organs of the endocrine system, thyroid gland;
  • deviation of the pituitary gland;
  • kidney disease and adrenal gland;
  • diseases of the stomach or intestines;
  • immune failure, when the body begins to destroy melanocytes , own cells producing melanin;
  • transferred infectious diseases;
  • constant stress;
  • pregnancy;
  • physical trauma;
  • violation of the balance of vitamins and trace elements;
  • regular contact of skin with certain types of synthetic tissues, personal care products, detergents;
  • sunburn when the skin becomes bright red;
  • hereditary predisposition.
  • <<<< organism.

    On the other hand, the danger is the cessation of the production of melanin, which protects the skin from sunburn. In addition, it is the absence of melanin that causes the appearance of a cosmetic defect.

    Vitiligo is not contagious, it is not an infectious disease. But because of the autoimmune nature, it can be inherited.

    How to prevent the appearance of white areas on the body

    White spots on the skin

    If the disease has happened to someone in the family, it is considered to prevent its occurrence and development, it is necessary to observe certain preventive measures, especially in the spring and in the summer, when there are more disposable factors.

    Do not:

    • sunbathe, if the body is sweating, first you need to wipe off the sweat;
    • to be exposed to drafts for a long time, when the body is intensively blown by the wind;
    • for a long time to be at high humidity;
    • use fans or air conditioners, if the skin is sweaty, first it is necessary in some way to remove excess moisture from the skin.

    It is believed that excessive intake of vitamin C can interfere with the formation of a sufficient amount of melanin. In fact, inadequate production of melanin is a consequence of the disease, and not its cause. Therefore, do not give up foods containing vitamin C, or the appropriate vitamin complexes that are offered in the pharmacy. Although artificially increase his intake is also needed.

    Diet for quick removal of spots on the skin

    White spots on the skin

    To prevent the appearance of a cosmetic defect, as well as for a speedy recovery, it is worth noting the inclusion in the diet of acute spices: raw onions, ginger, garlic, pepper.

    достато To produce sufficient amounts of melanin, it is necessary to receive sufficient amounts of trace elements such as copper ( Cu ), zinc ( Zn ) and iron ( Fe ).

    When using pharmacy vitamin complexes, it should be remembered that these trace elements are antagonists, the excess supply of one trace element causes a deficit of others. Therefore, the intake of artificial vitamins should not be simultaneous, it is better to take each drug course, maintaining between them a certain interval.

    Products containing copper

    In the case of copper deficiency, fatigue occurs more rapidly, the synthesis of the thyroid hormone thyroxine нару is broken, more frequent violations of the function of hematopoiesis, diabetes mellitus, and bone and connective tissue are weakened.

    A sufficient supply of a microelement has an anti-inflammatory effect, slows down the aging process. Copper helps digestion of iron, makes hair and skin attractive, removes white stains of vitiligo from the body, the body acquires mobility and flexibility.

    Most of the copper in cucumber , pork liver , hazelnut , cocoa , brewer’s yeast , cheese , rose hips .

    Products containing zinc

    Zinc is required for the optimal functioning of any body cells. In case of deficiency, there is a decrease in appetite, weight loss, hyperactivity, dermatitis, hair loss. Catarrhal and infectious diseases are becoming more frequent, the risk of diabetes is increasing. Slowly heal wounds, the period of recovery after injuries increases.

    Many zinc in oysters , brewer’s yeast , mushrooms , pumpkin seeds , sunflower , blueberry , lentils , nuts .

    Products containing iron

    A sufficient supply of a microelement is necessary to maintain cellular respiration at the proper level, the main participant of which is red blood cells erythrocytes delivering oxygen and removing carbon dioxide through hemoglobin , where the ferrous ion enters. In addition, the microelement is necessary for lymphocytes , blood cells of the immune system.

    In case of iron deficiency, anemia develops ( anemia ) – a symptom of this or that disease, in which the level of hemoglobin in the blood decreases. In adults, this is manifested by rapid fatigue, in children with delayed growth and mental development.

    Especially the skin, as well as the mucous membranes of the mouth, respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract suffer. There are eczema, dermatitis and other skin diseases.

    Hemoglobin is composed of the so-called heme iron , it is fully absorbed and contained in meat, mainly in the kidneys and liver. The so-called non-heme iron is found in plant foods, especially in beans, legumes, buckwheat and other whole grains, greenery – parsley and nettles.

    The organism absorbs only a bivalent trace element, and sufficient vitamin C intake is required to convert ferric iron. If iron is absorbed fairly well, since it contains enough vitamin C, then beans are best consumed with vegetables that have a lot of vitamin C.

    Most of all iron in raspberries , pork and beef liver , eggs , beans , peas , spinach , buckwheat , wheat bran , oatmeal porridge , prunes , rose hips , beer yeast , cocoa .

    Methods for treating vitiligo

    White spots on the skin

    It should be understood that a complete cure is possible only if it succeeds in eliminating co-morbidities. Typically, a dermatologist chooses an individual treatment regimen in each case. It takes into account the form of the disease – localized, generalized or universal, the presence of melanocytes in the spot, other factors identified by the relevant study.

    If it was possible to identify the cause, that is, those or other violations of the body’s health, the treatment of vitiligo begins in this way. It can be complex, when for the soonest restoration of the appearance of skin integument is prescribed this or that therapy.

    There are many methods of vitiligo treatment, with new ones constantly appearing. In some cases, white spots pass through the skin on their own or in the treatment of concomitant diseases.

    Treatment with Melagenin Plus

    In a number of cases, it is possible to succeed with this drug from the alcohol extract of the human placenta and calcium chloride . The effect becomes noticeable after a week of treatment, after six months you can hope for significant progress.

    The drug is applied externally to depigmented spots, it is not necessary to rub, it is necessary to wait until it is absorbed. It can be used in conjunction with cosmetics.

    Removal of white spots on the body with photochemotherapy (PUVA therapy)

    This method of treatment is still being used.The patient takes a certain photosensitizing agent , which increases the sensitivity of the skin to light, and then his body in a special solarium is exposed to ultraviolet radiation. To increase the sensitivity, use Psoralen , Púvalen , Metoxalene , Oxalized , Melagenin , Psoberan .

    Generally, photochemotherapy is effective for patients with swarthy skin. Success in the treatment of white spots can be achieved in half the cases. To be treated it is necessary in day within two months. If improvement is noticeable, after three months, the therapy is repeated. To achieve the result requires 3-4 courses.

    Despite the fact that phototherapy is not addictive, that is, it can be used repeatedly, taking photosensitizing agents gives a number of side effects.

    Therefore, for the treatment of vitiligo, ultraviolet radiation of a narrower spectrum is used, in which taking the drugs to increase the skin’s sensitivity to light becomes optional. A mandatory condition for the application of this method is complete stopping the formation of new white spots on the surface of the skin of the body. It is also necessary to accurately select the radiation dose.

    Treatment of vitiligo with a laser

    When using helium-neon laser the terms of vitiligo cure are significantly shortened. The principle used is similar to PUVA therapy, but the skin is subjected to stronger and more accurately metered radiation. He can cope with old spots on his body, which have existed for many years.

    The disadvantage of this method is the risk of burns and high cost of treatment.

    In the treatment of vitiligo with preservation of the melanocytic layer, therapy is shown with an excimer laser .

    Skin transplantation

    The method of treating a cosmetic defect is the transplantation of healthy skin into the sites of depigmented areas. This method is used to get rid of small white spots.

    The method allows you to achieve a quick result, if another treatment for vitiligo has not produced a result. Often the transplanted tissue loses the pigment, therefore the donor tissue is specially subjected to PUVA therapy, which improves the adhesion and stimulates pigment production.

    A course of preparations of copper, zinc, vitamins C, B9, B12, E is prescribed, as, as a rule, in the patient’s body, their deficiency is detected. For better recovery of melanocytes, immunostimulants are prescribed.

    Whitening healthy skin

    If treatment in other ways does not produce results, and the skin has lightened up to 70% of the body, you have to go on whitening the remaining skin, destroying the healthy pigment cells. Used ts totoxic drugs , launching a program of self-destruction of melanocytes.

    As a rule, this is done to restore a uniform shade of the skin, as cosmetic means to hide these deficiencies is very difficult.

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