Why does my eyesight deteriorate when I use my computer?

Why does my eyesight deteriorate when I use my computer?


  • Does the computer spoil the eyesight?
  • How the computer actually affects the eyesight
  • Is the computer to blame for the deterioration in vision?
  • What should I do if my eyesight is deteriorating from the computer?

Working at the computer, many after a while notice that the eyes have become worse to see. In some cases, redness of the eyes is observed, they quickly become tired. There is a natural question: “Why does my eyesight spoil the computer?”. The website “The Power of Health” suggests looking at this phenomenon from another side.

Does the computer spoil the eyesight?

Many people are convinced that the reasons for the deterioration of eyesight are due to the wrong organization of the workplace. In addition, other factors associated with the misuse of modern office equipment play a negative role. And the truth is that it is the computer that affects the eyesight, there is!

  • Visual tension causes contamination of the monitor – at times, current affairs are very slow and simply once again wipe the screen with a special napkin. By the way, it is recommended to do this in the morning, before turning on the LCD monitor, while the screen does not heat up.
  • Its contribution to the deterioration of vision makes the wrong location of the monitor – the light falling from the window directly on the screen makes the image faded, causing the eyes to strain more. Sometimes the monitor because of lack of space is located opposite the window opening. Doing this is not recommended, because the sharp contrast greatly tears the eyes.
  • Many are eager to complete the work by a certain date. And because they just do not have time to take breaks. As a result, computer processing of data continues for hours on end.

Undoubtedly, these factors contribute to the deterioration of vision. As a result, it seems that the vision is spoiled by a computer.

On the other hand, is it enough to eliminate all these factors, additionally adjusting the optimal resolution and frequency of flickering of the monitor, and most computer users will see better?

Hard to believe.

Even the regular visits of an ophthalmologist will not help preserve eye health. In the best case, a specialist will be able to notice any deviations in time and prescribe a treatment.

How the computer actually affects the eyesight

Look at how most computer users work. A steady, unblinking gaze in the monitor. It’s no secret that no matter how modern monitors are improved, they are still far from the quality of a paper page. But with one imperfection of the technique, this stressed state of the eyes can not be explained.

Take, for example, programmers. They have a long time with a computer for “you” and still do not experience visual tension, even looking at the monitor for a long time.

Another example. Most know with what mentality you have to read a boring textbook in preparation for the exam on an uninteresting subject, which you just need to “pass”. Eyes quickly get tired, eyes become steadfast. Often you have to force yourself to read the next page.

And with what pleasure is an interesting book read! Without any harm to the eyes, it is quite possible to “swallow” it overnight.

Is the computer to blame for impaired vision?

Computer processing of various service information in most users causes the same psychological stress as reading a boring textbook on an uninteresting subject. The psychic tenses, the arising tension is betrayed to the eyes and they start to “staring” at the monitor. As a result, it turns out that the computer spoils the vision.

Unlike users, programmers are almost always interested in writing programs. Therefore, the mental load when working at a computer they have minimal. As a result, eyes become less tired.

What should I do if my eyesight is corrupted by the computer?

Do everything to relieve psychological stress! One of the possible ways out of this situation is to follow the example of programmers and try to find some interest in computer work. As the example of preparation for the exam on an uninteresting subject shows, it is the lack of interest that causes the tension of the psyche. As a result, the vision of the computer really goes bad.

Paradoxically, the improvement of computer skills helps to relieve mental stress. The more confident you feel when working in a specific program, the less mental stress you experience. As a result, the eye strain decreases and visual fatigue decreases.

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