Why I am alone, and how to overcome female loneliness – advice of psychologists

What is loneliness and why does a person among the billions of other people remain lonely? A well-known song explains – “because there are nine children in statistics for nine girls”.

But psychologists say that this is not so.

Why I am alone, and how to overcome female loneliness - advice of psychologists

content of the article:

  • Why am I alone?
  • Pros and cons of female solitude
  • How to get rid of women from loneliness?

The main reasons for women’s loneliness – so why am I always alone?

  • Shyness
    It used to be that modesty paints a girl. And many parents brought up their daughters in accordance with this opinion. So the generation of indecisive women, literally afraid of men, has grown. Excessive modesty does not promote communication, and the less a woman communicates, the less potential suitors are in her environment.
  • Many ladies spend their whole lives waiting for the prince on a white horse
    Having created in his mind the ideal of a man, they can not find his analogue in reality. And too high demands eventually lead to loneliness.
  • Inaccessibility
    Beautiful, sociable, smart, but too serious lady scares men. With such a woman they are even afraid to speak.
  • Infantilism
    Many women expect the man will appear by itself, is drawn on the horizon and take her in a dream. Infantile women do not take any action to find a companion. In addition, they expect that the husband will arrange her happiness for the rest of her life. But this happens too rarely.
  • Heavy character
    It’s no secret that relations imply compromises. A rare man can get along with an iron woman who does not make concessions.
  • Total return to work
    A woman is primarily a wife and mother, so bequeathed by nature. If the careerist does not have enough time for her family and her husband, then the likelihood that she will remain alone is close to 100%. Read also: What is more important – a family or career?
  • Exaggerated requirements
    Often, women want to create a family with only beautiful and successful men, it is desirable that they are generous and wise at the same time. But this high level must be met. After all, these men choose themselves as companions, at least models, businesswomen or famous actresses. And ordinary saleswomen do not interest them.
  • Misunderstanding and fear of men
    There is an opinion that all men are goats. And many women live in a faithful way. How can you find a partner in life with such an installation? That’s right, no way. Perhaps such an attitude is a consequence of the mental trauma inflicted at a tender age. A woman, once her lover was cruelly offended, or fear appeared when, in front of the child, the father morally and physically mocked the mother. In this case, you should consult a psychologist.
  • Own zakompleksovannost
    Women absolutely unreasonably wind themselves because of a small chest, wide thighs and low growth. Most people around you just do not notice these shortcomings. And the complexes do not allow to relax and communicate freely.
  • Fear of responsibility
    Marriage and family are the responsibility for the spouse and for the children. Many are afraid of this, afraid of losing their freedom and independence. In addition, usually by the age of 30, women become accustomed to independent life, and it is not easy to change it.

Why I am alone, and how to overcome female loneliness - advice of psychologists

Pros and cons of female loneliness – do single women have advantages?

Loneliness has few pluses:

  • Women who do not have the experience of living together and bringing up children look younger . This can be explained by the fact that their life is less anxious, they have less worries and trouble around the house, and more time for themselves.
  • The second advantage is freedom. A person does not depend on the circumstances, on the opinion of another person, he is not afraid to hurt his partner’s feelings by his actions. He is not kept by children.At any time, a single woman can go on holiday to the other end of the world, and not to guess the rest for the free days of her husband and the vacations of the child.
    You can safely read the book, and not clean and cook for a huge family. Or sit with friends in a cafe, go to a beauty salon. Read also: Where to find the best girlfriend – 10 ways.

Why I am alone, and how to overcome female loneliness - advice of psychologists

minus life lonely man far more

  • defective. Even if a person at every corner yells that he is happy in his loneliness, deep down he will feel deprived. And every acquaintance will certainly remind about this inferiority with phrases: “When will you marry?”, “Are you all alone?”.
  • Helplessness. A lonely person does not have anyone to ask for help. Whether it’s illness, repair or just moral support. Friends today are, but tomorrow they are not. And the family is always there.
  • Lack of a companion. A husband is a friend, ally and like-minded person. Therefore, married women do not need to search, with whom to celebrate the New Year or with whom to go on vacation. Read also: New Year for the lonely – how to make the holiday interesting and unforgettable?
  • Irregular sex. It is more difficult for a single person to find a partner. And lack of intimacy badly affects physical and psychological health. Of course, there are cases that there are no sex in marriage, but it is, rather, an exception.

Why I am alone, and how to overcome female loneliness - advice of psychologists

How to get rid of loneliness woman – psychologists

tips to break free from the tenacious hands of loneliness need:

  • raise self-esteem
    Get rid if not all, then most of the weight of the complex. And move forward to your happiness.
  • Being yourself
    Individuality is appreciated very highly. Do not try to copy any successful person. You have to believe in yourself, not to give in to doubts and not do what you do not like, because each person has his own individual path to happiness.
  • Increase your communication skills
    Communicate, smile, exchange news and opinions. The larger the circle of familiar people, the faster will be your one and only.
  • Revise your requirements to the opposite sex
    Perhaps they are too strict, so you are still lonely.
  • To be interesting
    To make people want to communicate with you, you need to be bored. Find yourself a favorite activity, let it be some kind of hobby. And it is desirable – not one.
  • To reach for your ideal
    If your dream is an educated and gallant man, then you need to become an ideal companion for him. The same educated, educated, versed in art or cinematography woman.
  • Search your narrowed and do not sit still
    Be where he can find you. Attend mass events, not to miss friends’ birthdays, corporate parties and other holidays.

Loneliness is not a sentence, it can and must be overcome. After all, no person should be alone because it makes people unhappy.

Why I am alone, and how to overcome female loneliness - advice of psychologists

And what do you think about female solitude, how to overcome it? It is very important for us to know your opinion!

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