Why is fatty food harmful?

Why is fatty food harmful?


  • What is harmful for fatty foods
  • Why after a high-calorie meal is sick
  • List of fatty foods that are best not to be abused
  • Than fats are useful

It is widely believed, that fatty food is harmful. Is it really? In fact – and so often happens – the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Since the abuse of certain products is harmful, not the products themselves. For example, some types of fats bring certain benefit to the body, having a positive impact on health and longevity.

Than fatty foods are harmful

  • Harmful of products obtained by hydrogeneration, special processing of vegetable fats is generally recognized. It is they that increase the required level of “bad” cholesterol, which leads to the appearance of cholesterol plaques. In the distant future it can cause sclerosis , stroke , infarction or stroke .
  • A regular overabundance of foods rich in fats is associated with a disease such as hypertension . That is why hypertensive patients are recommended to refuse or very moderately consume butter, meat of appropriate varieties, high-calorie sour cream, such products are harmful. Much more useful kefir, as well as cottage cheese – better still not fat-free, it is more useful.
  • Excessive consumption of high-calorie foods harms health because it causes an increase in body weight . And this is the need to visit the gym more intensively. What for first to destroy a harmonous figure a wrong delivery, then to sweat at trainings, returning to norm? If you start to be lazy and some time to stop paying attention to the fat deposits on the figure, in the future it can break out varicosity , hypertension and cholecystitis .
  • Excessive consumption of fats causes the formation of so-called free radicals that destroy cells and weaken the immune system. In especially neglected cases, this can cause the formation of malignant tumors .
  • Caloric nutrition causes the appearance of acne on the skin. This is especially noticeable if the skin is oily – after a while after consuming high-calorie foods, it becomes more greasy.

Why, after a high-calorie meal, I feel sick

It is well established that fat cells have the ability to accumulate various harmful substances, especially toxins. The body has to mobilize all the forces to neutralize their action, as a result of which, often after receiving high-calorie foods, nausea appears, chronic inflammatory diseases can become aggravated.

List of fatty foods that should not be abused

Why is fatty food harmful?

  • Pork, lamb, beef, various minced meat, semi-finished products. Do not eat a lot of sausage and sausages, salami, fried duck.
  • Oils of animal origin are almost 100 percent fat: butter, margarine, pork fat.
  • Regular and processed cheese, cream, sour cream are also fatty foods.
  • Caloric nuts – walnuts, hazelnuts and peanuts.
  • Cakes, pastries, cookies, chips, French fries, pizza.

Than useful fats

Why is fatty food harmful?

But not everything is so bad. For example, polyunsaturated fatty acids omega contained in fish oil have a number of beneficial health properties:

  1. improve brain activity, vision and memory;
  2. strengthen the body’s resistance to various unfavorable factors, infections;
  3. counteract atherosclerosis;
  4. serve the prevention of joint diseases.

Fats stimulate the production of bile. Therefore, during fasting, it is recommended that you take a teaspoonful of olive oil every day.

Fatty food is extremely caloric, so it recovers well after exhausting work, especially in frost. The manual worker will not understand and be offended by the woman, if he does not see a good lunch of fat or a mountain of roast meat for dinner.

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