Wrap for weight loss

Wrap for weight loss


  • Benefits of exercises with a hoop
  • How to choose a hoop
  • Optimum weight of the hoop for the waist
  • How much to twist the hoop to lose weight quickly
  • How to twist the hoop
  • Exercises with a hoop for weight loss
  • Contra-indications

Physical exercises train and develop the muscles, increase the mobility of joints, help to cope with obesity, overweight. The hoop for weight loss suits as well as possible. A simple sports projectile takes up a minimum of space, does not require special skills, splits gracefully, develops mobility of the hip joints, strengthens the abdominal muscles.

The use of exercises with a hoop

Invented a millennium ago, a sports projectile was trained in ancient Egypt and China, making it from thin tree trunks or flexible grapevines. Another burst of popularity occurred in the middle of the last century. In America, this kind of entertainment and sport is called halahup ( hula-hoop ), which literally means “dance with a hoop.”

Rotational movements, performed at a pace to the music, remarkably train the heart muscle. Of course, the sports load is lower than when running. But during the training you can do something else. For example, watching TV.

Burning for half an hour of classes of 200-300kKal, the hoop helps to lose weight in the waist, hips. Leaves fat from the buttocks, get training muscles of the abdomen, back – after all, we have not only to rotate the waist, but also to keep the balance. As a result, the vestibular apparatus is trained, posture improves.

Regular waist turns help to lose weight quickly. The sports projectile is massaged, improves the blood supply of tissues, making the skin at the points of contact become more elastic.

How to choose a hoop

Wrap for weight loss

Almost everyone in childhood twisted hula hum. With age in the absence of classes, the skill is lost, but with regular training it can be quickly restored by a simple plastic hoop. Lose weight with it is difficult because of the small weight, the more the load on the muscles is minimal.

For effective weight loss, the so-called collapsible hoops лучше are better suited. Connecting different parts, it is possible to establish a comfortable diameter. The training load is dosed in the cavity filler.

Special weighted hoops help effectively burn fat, quickly lose weight. When performing exercises, a lot of calories are burned. Classes require some physical training.

<style variety of hoops stimulates weight loss with the help of metal or plastic bumps, thorns, ribs. Touching the unevenness increases the massage effect in the waist or buttocks, although bruises can develop from unaccustomed.

Flexible hoops are notable for their versatility, they can not only lose weight, but also develop the muscles of the back, legs, hands.

The optimal weight of the hoop for the waist

Wrap for weight loss

The urge to quickly remove the stomach with halachup forces some beginners to choose the product of maximum weight . Although before the exercise for weight loss, it is necessary to take into account not only the equipment, but also the degree of fitness of the organism.

To maintain the muscles in the tone, the flexibility of the lumbar spine is as good as the lightest halachop, since in this case it is not necessary to fight overweight.

  • A hoop weighing 1-1.5kg is recommended for beginners to lose weight.
  • With a good athletic form, trained muscles can reduce weight, lose weight in the waist with a hoop weighing up to 2 kg.
  • If the athletic load seems small, the body can easily cope with the exercises to continue losing weight at the waist, use a hoop weighing up to 2.9 kg.

How much to twist the hoop to lose weight quickly

Wrap for weight loss

For good and effective weight loss, exercise 2-3 times a week for 20-30 minutes a day. It is important not to be zealous, it is better to have four approaches for 5 minutes than one for 20 minutes. Then you can quickly lose weight at the waist, remove the stomach.

During the training it is necessary to alternate the direction of rotation, especially with a weak vestibular apparatus. Half the time to rotate in one, half the time in the other direction, so as not to dizzy.

Beginners should protect the waist with a handkerchief or towel.

How to twist the hoop correctly

Wrap for weight loss

The back during the exercises is straight, shoulders to the sides, look forward.

  • Starting position : stand up straight, legs wider than shoulders, socks slightly apart. The hula hoop is held at waist level.
  • Beginning of rotation : direct halakhup to turn to the chosen side and simultaneously make movements with the waist, hips, trunk.
  • Rotation : maintain the necessary tone in the buttocks, waist, abdominal press, back to burn fat, increased blood circulation.

No need to be zealous, especially in the first classes. It is worth it to individually pick up the sports load, especially time, how many twist the hoop. If you overdo it, the next day muscles will ache.

Burn fat better on an empty stomach or take food two hours before training.

Beginners need 5 minutes of training at a calm pace, with a comfortable amplitude of rotation. When the body begins to easily cope with the sports load, it can be increased.

Exercises with a hoop for losing weight

Wrap for weight loss

To remove a belly, lose weight at the waist, it is not enough to rotate the halachup at a different tempo. Quickly reduce the weight of complicated exercises:

  • Sports load increases the variation of the distance between stops. Putting them side by side or spreading as widely as possible, you can achieve faster results of losing weight. The close arrangement of the feet trains the hips, the broad – gluteal muscles.
  • To increase the load on the hips, buttocks, quick slimming, twist the hoop in the half-squat position, lowering the trunk as low as possible.
  • Rotating the hulaohum at the waist, gradually lower it to the hips, then lift it again to the waist.
  • When performing exercises, push one of the legs forward, then change the position. Strengthens the muscles of the abdominal press, hips.
  • Vary the amplitude of rotation – from small to maximum, using the trunk and hips.
  • To train the vestibular apparatus, rotate the hulauch standing alternately on one or the other leg.
  • Twist the hulaohum and raise your knees, marching in place.

To quickly lose weight at the waist, twist the hoop with your hands up. Then lower your arms at the shoulder level, clench your fists. In the end, bend your arms, closing your hands at the chest level.


Wrap for weight loss

To lose weight, it is not enough to twist the hoop. It is important to normalize the diet, increase physical activity.

You should not lose weight with the help of a hoop with injuries or inflammatory processes in the abdominal cavity, back, kidney disease, the presence of unhealed wounds, during pregnancy, after cesarean section, in old age.

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